Four Seasons hotel - Hampshire wedding photographer

Today on our wedding trip I will take you to the wedding in Hampshire , in stunning Four Seasons hotel.  Built in Georgian style manor surrounded by fields with astonishing view makes you feel like this is a perfect place for your wedding . Helen and Nicholas are one of the kind, very professional but same time energetic couple, if your partner is looking on you same way like Helen and Nic on each other you are one lucky person.
It was another time I was helping as a second shooter for extraordinary photographer Tom Robak , and I am very thankful for trusting me . Hope you will like this material as much as me, but without further ado , ladies and gentleman's... Helen and Nicholas !

I am taking bookings now for 2017 , so if you are looking for a wedding photographer in London  do not hesitate and contact me, best dates go quickly.

Green farm - Kent wedding photographer

Do you like surprises? I do love them, while having an day off  Wojtek called me and ask if I would like to help him on this amazing wedding...tomorrow.  How could I say no. Weather app shows that it should be sunny, I had nothing to do, wedding had place in Green farm in Kent, reception at modern barn, if I would say "no"  , today I would regret my decision, but for my luck I trust Wojtek and give him a hand at this wedding in Kent. Sarah and Sam are just simply amazing, young, beautiful  and in love,  all their wedding decorations was DYI so I have to say WOW for effort  which they put into details.  Wedding ceremony had place at glade surrounded by small forest as well as pre drinks after where were prepared games and activities for guests. Blessing for  us was that we had outstanding weather,  sunny and warm but not boiling hot, perfect weather for wedding  photography in Green farm Kent.  Day full of power, emotions, laugh and pizza...yeah pizza, because who said that is not good for weddings? I have to say big thank you for being a part of Sarah and Sam wedding day, for Wojtek to choose me  as wedding photographer in Kent and sun for being so friendly that day.

Gorse Hill - Woking wedding photographer

Hello everyone! It’s good to be back on track with a fresh, new and modern design for the website! But more importantly…Weddings! Do you remember Holy and Maciej’s engagement shoot in Greenwich? That was a time when I thought that my photography couldn’t get better; but I was shown how wrong I was after working on Holy and Maciej’s Wedding. It all began in Woking at Gorse Hill Hotel where the bride and groom were getting ready. The location was absolutely wondrous, and a part of the countryside I imagine celebrities and millionaires aspire to establish their second properties! The Ceremony took place in St Mary’s Church in Aldershot, a small but elegantly modern building as it was constructed in 1962, and even though cloudy weather threatened to disrupt the ambience, I still had great light to work with. But the best part for me was the wedding photoshoot which we took while the guests enjoyed drinks and sweets. A Pilipino belle and Polish gentleman- nothing could go wrong with this couple. The harmony between them was impressive and enviable to the extent that the photoshoot was completed in a mere fifteen minutes! Working with such a beautiful couple is simply a pleasure for photographer. I hope you will experience and embrace these same magical sensations from Holy, Maciej and their adoring guests. Without a doubt, I can say that I spent that day in the best possible way. Thank you so much for choosing Miracle-Moments to be your London Wedding Photographer. Please sit back and enjoy their Wedding Day!


Croydon Register Office - London wedding photographer

Some say that wedding day is just for you, but many couples put more attention in big and fancy decorations , food, music and other details and keep forgetting that wedding is your day, your big day and you should spend it as you want. Evan and Lucy decide to have their wedding small and simple , but that does not mean worst then big Central London wedding . In my opinion all of them got their own character and style. Being wedding photographer in London shows me that everyone is unique , and because of that even doing wedding photography in Croydon Register Office for several times gives me opportunity that wedding day is all about bride and groom, about all of gentle smiles, little whispers into each other ear, cheeky kisses , laugh and tears.
Evan and Lucy decide only to hire me for their wedding ceremony and little wedding photoshoot in Queens Garden park , but even rainy weather could not stop these two from showing their feelings to each other. Apart they are simply amazing people but as a couple they create such a romantic atmosphere around them that working with them was pleasure. Ladies and gentleman's let me introduce you Evan and Lucy, enjoy.

Croydon Register Office - Croydon wedding photographer

I cannot believe that it is already a year after Cherylleanne and Barry get married, I feel like it was yesterday... Some say that wedding should happened on weekend, because all of your guest and family probably will have day off but that Thursday shows that any day is perfect if you want to bond with love of your life . Every aspect of the day could be  describe as "best" , sunny but not boiling hot weather, fantastic family and friends, thrilling emotion , handsome groom and beautiful bride. What more you could want from your wedding day ? Cherylleanne and Barry make that simple Thursday a remarkable and memorable day for me and for all guest who gather to celebrate their big day. Whole ceremony had place in Croydon Register Office , stunning place, I have to admit . It is not my firs wedding in Croydon as a photographer but every time I am there , there is always something new for me.
Moment before Cherylleanne and Barry move for their wedding lunch with all guests, we organize quick family shots and bit longer wedding photoshoot in Queens Garden Croydon. It is gorgeous small park with lot of natural potential for professional wedding photographer in London.  I wish everything best for Cherylleanne and Barry , they are amazing people with energy of football team. Thank you very much.

Eltham College - London wedding photographer

I don't really believe in fate, I think people decide what they do and where they are going based on their own choices, but what could I say when I received a phone call on a Tuesday morning at 2am asking if I am available on the upcoming Saturday from the sister-in-law of one of my previous clients? Michaela and Robert, my new wedding couple, had really bad luck because their wedding photographer decided to back out of their wedding event merely days before big day. But luckily for them I was free on that weekend and every moment I got to know Michaela, the more fired up I got for this wedding. Everything began at Bromley Court Hotel where Michaela, her mother and bridesmaids were getting ready. I must say I never imagined it was possible to fit so many people in a hotel bedroom. The family members and the makeup artist alone filled the whole room, but as crowded as it was there was an amazing atmosphere of elation and entertainment. The bride, if she was, did not emit an ounce of stress, and it felt as though girls were getting ready for night out of hubbub and excitement. Even if only one room was full, the atmosphere of pure joy seemed to fill the whole hotel. Closer to the time of the ceremony a change in the atmosphere to one of more seriousness and quiet could be felt. All the guests were waiting at Christ Church in Chislehurst where ceremony was to take place, and it was impressive that such a large structure could be so bright inside without the large windows which one normally sees in churches. Emotions began to peak and the smiles, tears of joy, and other pure expressions of happiness reminded me that wedding photography is what I am happiest doing. People with their genuine feelings of well being, hope and love toward other people, unless you have experienced it first hand it will never live up to mere words. Clear and bright weather on your wedding day is what every bride and groom wish for; a prophecy of their bright future and a reflection of their bright expressions on their special day. And when suns begins to set at the reception which was located at Eltham College in Mottingham, South East London, the light become simply sublime. As a professional term this is referred to as “the golden hour”; it is the time where the sun is beginning to dip just before setting and this creates a soft gold light unique to this part of the day. Michaela and Robert revealed these inward smiles towards one another and it is these types of expressions that cannot be attained through commercial modelling, such genuine emotions flowing out of them into the whole photo, and it is at this time of the day where any stress from the day melts away and the couple can relax and truly enjoy each other as husband and wife. Although I do not believe in fate, I may be convinced just a little and I feel as though I should thank the photographer that abandoned this beautiful couple and, without a doubt, I must thank both Michaela and Robert for letting me peer into their lives together. They are one of a kind.

Tip: For anyone getting married in summer, always carry bottle of water with you. Things are hotting up!

Thames Rowing Club - London wedding photographer

Do you remember Joyce and Tim? Of course- how you could not remember their fantastic pre-wedding photo-shoot which caused so many positive comments and congratulations for their quality photographs. Now the time has come to show you what their big day looked like. So without further ado: The day began quite late for me as I arrived at the guest house around 11 o’clock where Joyce was preparing herself for her big day. The weather was beautifully sunny, and there was a calm atmosphere, music, and a lot of laughs and time passed so quickly. Joyce was now in her wedding dress and I was running to the church. The preparation, the ceremony, and the church- everything was located in one part of South London: Putney. I had been a couple of times, so I knew this part of London; a very nice place with lots of open areas close to The River Thames. The church is the kind of church that every bride and wedding photographer dreams of: Saint Mary the Virgin, Putney, which is situated just by the river. Thanks to this we could achieve really good group photos without losing time. But the church was gorgeous, big, bright, with a balcony from which you can see the whole ground floor, and a central altar which gives me opportunity to take photos from the front, what in most situations is impossible. The reception was just five minutes from the church so many of the guests could walk there, and I ...ran; so that I could be there before everyone to capture some of the particulars of the story, and I must say one thing: it was impressive. Joyce and Time really put a lot of effort into this. The smallest of details like a candy table, the guest book, flowers, balloons, and many more created the atmosphere of real British wedding. I am so happy to be a wedding photographer in Putney/London. Having a bit of time, I took Joyce and Tim for a quick photo-shoot. Everything was located next to the Thames Rowing Club, but a good photographer is able to capture fantastic photographs even in ordinary places like on the street. I am really happy that Joyce and Tim trusted me and allowed me to be their wedding photographer.

Camden Town - London wedding photographer

There are many words that can describe Kinga and Dominic, but I think “extraordinary” is the most fitting. Kinga called me around May, an incredibly open minded girl, and I knew from the beginning that we would work well together and the fruits of our work would be something unusual but brilliant. You can meet them earlier on my website when we shot pre-wedding photographs in London. But finally “the big day” approached. The day that you can describe as one of the most important days in your life. From when I meet these two I knew that for their wedding ceremony, which took place in Camden Town, there would not be an ounce of stress- I was sure that there will be lot of emotions, smiles, and tears, but not stress. And I was right; Kinga and Dominic are like best friends wanting to celebrate their amazing connection, which was about to happen. The wedding in Camden Town was about to begin. In a Polish-English reception you can sense a scene of British culture and a flurry of Polish madness, all of these things mixed into one amazing ambience through which I can present this wedding photography with pride. The room where the reception took place has a wall of floor to ceiling windows, so all the guests have a fantastic view of the canal in Camden Lock for the whole night. Around the colourful lights, and a beautiful view of Camden Town, people dancing you can give yourself to what is the best party and celebration that is this amazing wedding. I am very grateful to Kinga and Dominic that I could be their wedding photographer.

Charlton House - London wedding phototographer

Elena and Chidi are those kind of persons which you really want to have as your wedding couple. Professionals , they know what they want, paying attention to every single detail, and that is why I was houndred percent sure that their wedding day will be absolutely remarkable experience. Story starts at brides house in Bromley, just where she get ready for her big day. After arriving what I found was just pure chaos… Chaos in good meaning of this word, friends and family, kids and parents, all of them were there, getting ready. In the air I could smell hair spray, perfumes, wedding flowers and all of that was mixed with excitement and upcoming stress before wedding ceremony. Ceremony had place in St Mary's Roman Catholic Church in Blackheath , and I have to say that I was shocked of this place. Church was build in 1891 and the founder was Father William Gowan Todd. As I said on beginning Elena and Chidi pay lots of attention to the details that’s why this church was place for their wedding ceremony in London , on every wall you can find stained glass and in the middle very long alley which leads to the astonishing altar where Chidi was waiting to see his future wife for a very first time on this day. After ceremony when stress goes down we had bit of time for their private wedding photoshoot in Charlton house in Charlton next to Greenwich , my favorite part of London. As I am based in London I am normally expecting quite cloudy weather, but not on Elena's wedding. Actually was boiling hot, we got sun all day long, since early morning till night, sun was just spoiling all guest at the wedding reception. So we just have quick wedding photos in park just next to the Charlton house where Elena and Chidi could slow down for a second and have just bit of time without anyone apart of me. After that is just pure madness, I don’t know if I mentioned this but that was mixed African wedding so as experienced wedding photographer I was ready for craziness at night… and I was not even close from mistake. All guest was just partying hard! I don’t remember when was last time when on wedding reception I feel so much heat. Everything even multiplied when bride and groom changes their outfits for ceremonial African outfits and in my opinion much more comfortable. It is always big honor for me to be part of those special days. Thank you very much.