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Wedding photography is all about emotions for me. There is nothing more meaningful and precious than the little flashes of smile the bride and groom unconsciously make nervous and excited for the day that celebrates their love and unity; the whispering in the ears of guests and the tears of her parents as their children take a glorious step in their lives after watching them grow from babe to adult.

Awesome 140 seconds of Emotions

If I had to define my style with jargon, I would say that it is naturalness and reportage. This is why natural light is key to my work. Quality, shadows, and highlights are everywhere in our lives and how we perceive images every day, so why add some artificial element? It goes without saying that I care about image quality. But just because you give someone an expensive camera doesn’t mean that they can take beautiful photos.

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In today’s world, anybody can hold a compact camera or smartphone and call themselves a photographer. But photography is a form of art every artist has their own style. I focus on the emotions and feelings that a photo not only depicts but the feelings that will be invoked within the one viewing. I want to give you something more than other photographers can offer. I want to give you exceptional photos that when every time you look back at them, you are transported back to that day and all the emotions you felt then. I have no equation to follow when I take your photos. This is because everybody has their own unique tale to tell. Every story is new to me and I am excited to illustrate each and every one.

“Someone said that all the weddings are the same…
What a bulls**t.”
– Me!

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