Top 30 Wedding Photography FAQ

Wedding Photography FAQ

Transparency in my service is something that my couples appreciate. And to make sure that all of you are receiving the same service I prepare this wedding photography FAQ which will help you make a decision and hire me as your wedding photographer

1. How long have you been doing wedding photography?
My first wedding I ever shoot was in 2010, still, remember like it was yesterday.

2. How would you describe your photography style?
This is such a complex question. I think documentary and reportage styles are closest to describe my photography. However, as a professional wedding photographer, I do always adjust myself to my couples needs. I do focus mostly on the emotions, the more expressive the better. Tears, smiles, kisses, laughter, that is what I am looking for, but trough the day I do not forget how important are family photos and details shots, including your decorations. I like to call them Natural Wedding Photos!

3. How would you dress on our big day?
You can be sure that I would wear one of my super fancy floral shirts! I like to feel really comfortable during the wedding, so good silent shoes (imagine hearing steps in the church!), chinos matching my shirt and superb leather harness holding my cameras.

4. Do you work alone?
Miracle-Moments is all me, behind the camera, email, editing, phone and this text. However, if you would need an additional photographer I do have a group of trusted friends who are willing to help.

5. Do you do wedding videography?
Unfortunately not, but I do know some superb videographers who will be more than happy to combine forces with me and provide you with an outstanding wedding video.

6. Can I see the full wedding story?

7. How many wedding photos you provide?
That’s all depends on the package you choose. But from the full day coverage, I guarantee you 500 unique, emotional photos. However the process is simple, I go through all the wedding photos I took on your wedding and select all the photos you should receive. I know how important are these moments for you and I want you to receive as much as possible. But still going with the rule “quality over quantity”

8. Are you insured?
Yes. Not only my equipment is insured in case of any damage but I do own Public Liability Certificate up to £ 5 000 000.

9. What is your backup in case you are sick?
Let me first say that I got 100% coverage of every wedding I book over all of those years. Being a wedding photographer besides being my passion is my job. Like any other job I am looking after myself and closer to your date I do avoid certain things to make sure I am in my best shape on your day. In case I somehow would not be able to attend to your wedding I got a group of trusted friends photographers who share the same point of view on wedding photography and I am more than happy to find out if they can cover me on that day.

10. Do you shoot internationally?
Yes. I got experience with destination weddings in countries like Spain, Italy, Sweden, Poland

11. Where are you based?
I am based in Buckinghamshire but I do work across whole United Kingdom and Irleand, you can find me in google typing the phrases: Wedding photographer Oxfordshire, Wedding Photographer Aylesbury, Wedding Photographer Buckinghamshire, East Quay Wedding, Primrose Hill Farm Wedding, Milton Keynes Wedding Photographer, Wedding Photographer Cambridgeshire

12. How many colour and black and white photos we receive?
Majority of photos you will receive from me are in colour. Wedding is a spectacular and fun day, guests are wearing colourful creations, and they enjoy themselves all day. Colour only multiplies that feeling. I would say 90% of your wedding photos will be in colour.

13. How much you charge for travel?
Most of my travels are included, only in the case I have to take a plane or travel and stay over a night, it will be charged additionally. In that case, the accommodation has to be covered by a couple as well.

14. What if you have not shot in the venue wedding is planned?
With all the years I work as a wedding photographer I shoot in various places. Barns, hotels, pubs, outside, modern churches, old dark churches, houses, forests, I am ready for every condition. Before the wedding, I do my research as well on how the venue looks like, watch other photographers who work there so I got a point of view what I can expect.

15. Do we have to feed you?
I do only ask for a meal with my full day coverage. It is around 10-12h of work including travelling and it can be hard to work all that time without recharging inner batteries. You can decide to not include a meal in your plan for me, that is absolutely fine. Bare in mind then than when you sit down until your planned speeches I will be out of the venue taking my meal break. In case of anything fun happened I won’t be able to take photos of that.

16 What packages do you offer?
I prepare three packages which my couples choose over the years mostly, you can find them here. In case you look something different I am very happy to discuss it with you.

17. What is your hour rate
I do not work per hour. Never did that and never will. Let me explain to you why. First of all, when I sign a contract with a couple I do not book myself any other jobs that day. So you can be sure that in case of any lateness or problems from the side of your venue I will be there for you. Weddings are very unpredictable, even with most organized couple try to deal with hundred of half-drunk people. I always arrive before planed time and leave when I am sure that I got all photos I need to provide you with an outstanding photo story.

18. Do you offer an engagement photoshoot?
Yes! I think engagement photoshoot is not only great fun and possibility to have more amazing photos but let you prepare for the wedding much better. If you want to know more please check my article ” Top 6 tips why you should have an engagement photoshoot “

19. Do I have to prepare for you a list of specific photos?
No. The only list of photos I need from you is the family photos. With this, it will go much faster and smoother.

20. Can I find any reviews of your business?
All my reviews you can find on Google or on my Facebook Page

21. Do you have a backup equipment?
I do. Over the day you will see with two cameras working with different lenses, shooting constantly, providing a different point of views. In case one of the cameras would stop working I always do have a second one. Same with all memory cards, batteries, lighting.

22. Are you offering album/printing?
Yes. Photography always looks best when are printed. I do use a professional printing studio for all my wedding albums and prints.

23. Are we receiving edited photos?
Yes. All photos which you receive are edited.

24. When we will receive our photos?
I always tend to finish my wedding photos faster then the contrac deadline. There are multiple factor which can effect that time such as date of the wedding or package you choose. However most of my couples can experience their wedding photos in about 6-8weeks.

25. When we have to make the final payment?
The deposit has to be paid 24 hours from signing the contract. The remaining balance must be paid four weeks prior to the wedding day.

26. Can we copy our photos?
Yes. You can make a copy of them, post on your social media, print for your friends and family. The only thing what you can’t do with photos is to sell them. Usage for marketing purpose by other wedding suppliers after permission.

27. Can we meet/video chat before hiring you?
Yes, definitely. I actually never book a wedding without consultation. It is very important for me that my potential couples know all about my work and I know all about their wedding plan. We can catch up and grab a coffee or simply have a video call.

28. How much is the deposit?

29. Are we receiving contract?
Yes. The contract is binding and gives you all the important information in one place. Every supplier should provide it.

30. How can we book?
Simply drop me an email through my Contact page.