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When it comes to packages I do believe the simpler it is, the easier it is to decide what you need. All of them include coverage of your whole wedding day. This way you are sure that non of the important moments will be missed. No matter which package you decide to choose my approach is always the same. On the wedding day, I focus just on you and your wedding only. I do not work per hour, so you don’t have to worry if your schedule won’t run as smoothly as you plan. I will be there no matter what!

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* Pre-wedding video consultation
* 2 photographers
 * Preparation of the bride & groom
 * Wedding ceremony
 * Family photos
* Portrait photoshoot on the day
 * Reception + 1 hour after the first dance
 * 650 incredibly emotional photos
* 12×12″ photo album with 20 spreads
 * 3 months Online gallery


Full-day Coverage

* Pre-wedding video consultation
* 1 photographer
 * Preparation of the bride
 * Wedding ceremony
 * Family photos
* Portrait photoshoot on the day
 * Reception + 1 hour after the first dance
 * 500 incredibly emotional photos
 * 1 month Online gallery



* Pre-wedding video consultation
* 1 photographer
 * Wedding ceremony
 * Reception until the first dance
 * 250 incredibly emotional photos


Add ons

Wedding photographer Buckinghamshire

Engagement photoshoot

An engagement photo shoot is a great way to get yourself out of planning mode and enjoy a bit of fun. It is always a great time for all of us, filled up with a laugh and superb smiles. Just think when was the last time you and your partner took some photos together? The truth is that engagement photos are a great opportunity to spend some quality time and save it. These photos can be later used on invitations or as a decoration for your wedding.


Wedding Album

We live in an era of digitalizing all of our photos. And as much as comfortable it is, there is no better feeling than holding a physical copy of your photos. I do offer wedding albums with the highest quality prints which will stand for ages. The album is a great way to show your friends how fantastic moments were captured at your wedding. Or it could be a year anniversary tradition, to sit down with a glass of wine, snuggle under the blanket and just look at your photos, getting back to these memories and reliving them again


Wedding photography album

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2nd photographer

2nd photographer brings not only an additional amount of photos from different angles but also gives you a chance to see more. No matter what one photographer can be only in one place but hiring 2nd photographer let you see the preparation of the groom which is full of great emotions. From playing FIFA before the ceremony through the simple drink with the boys, I witnessed some really powerful moments taking photos of the groom prep. 2nd photographer can focus on the guests and their reactions when I can capture you and your closest family. I highly recommend it! You can find out why it is great idea to have second photographer.


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