Gaynes Park wedding photographer

Gaynes Park Wedding Photographer

I believe that weddings have got so much more exciting over the years. Personally, I love the variety and I am honoured to be a Gaynes Park wedding photographer for the first time. It's always a pleasure to photograph couples who are truly in love. It was amazing that I could work shoulder to shoulder with my good friend and great photographer Marek. Matt and Henry also hired Robert and Ola, videographers who I have worked with previously which was nice. I was able to get some incredibly candid and special photos of the wedding preparation at Matts house. In the meantime, Marek was with Henry. This showed good organisation as they will both have great memories to look back on. Matt invited me to breakfast with his family which he specially prepared. This was a lovely personal touch and got me fuelled for the day ahead.

Gaynes Park Wedding Photos

Gaynes Park located in Essex is a stunning park with amazing features. It is a perfect location to give your special day the wow factor. My couple Matt and Henry hosted their ceremony and reception here and you will see why. It was a privilege to be a Gaynes park wedding photographer for the day as it gave me unique photo opportunities. I would like to add that Matt and Henry looked so classy and happy together on their special day. As I mentioned this was my first Gaynes Park wedding, it was amazing. I hope to get the opportunity to shoot many more in the future. The wedding photos in Gaynes park came out beautifully. The atmosphere was so lively and high in spirit, the guests wasted no time rocking out on the dance floor. And I can't just forget to mention about fresh pizza served over the night. To conclude the wedding was gorgeous and very well put together. I'm sure my couple will take joy in looking back at all of the wonderful photos taken.

If you are having a Gaynes Park wedding and are looking for the perfect photographer please get in contact. I have still had free dates for 2019 and would love to tell more of your stories.

Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer

I adore weddings that involve nature and all things naturally beautiful. Richmond Park is an awesome place to host a wedding if you are lucky enough. This royal park is full to the brim with unique and wonderful photo opportunities. I am so excited to tell you about the wedding I photographed at Pembroke Lodge.

Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer

I love to think that all weddings I attend are unique and beautiful in their own way. However, I must remark that my couple Dani and Joe had an outstanding wedding. It loved being a Pembroke Lodge wedding photographer. This is the only licensed venue within Richmond Park, which is amazing. Being surrounded by wonderful views contributed to a set of amazing photos which will stay with this couple forever.

In spite of the day being quite cloudy initially, the weather changed for the better and became exceptionally sunny as the day progressed. The lovely bride Dani prepared for her big day with her girlfriends at the Richmond Hill Hotel. I was able to capture some special memories there. Usually, I am accustomed to travelling to and from different venues. However, Dani and Joe hosted both the ceremony and reception at Pembroke Lodge. I thought this was a lovely touch and is an excellent way to ease some of the stresses involved in the planning process.

Wedding Photos In Richmond Park

It's always a pleasure to work in timelessly beautiful surroundings such as Richmond Park. It's even more wonderful when I get to work with familiar faces. This is now my second wedding within this family. Which makes me proud as I work hard to build trustworthy relationships with my clients. As a result, both couples have blogged about their weddings on my website to look back on. I love weddings with a twist and I was surprised to hear that both the bride and groom are rugby players.

I must say their energy certainly matched their sporty personalities. The atmosphere was fantastic and Joe's son posed for the camera like a true model. Therefore I was able to produce some magazine worthy photos of him which will be special to look back on. Amazing lighting in the afternoon definitely gave me the upper hand, everyone looked amazing, even after going crazy on the dance floor!

If you are planning a wedding in natural surroundings and want a photographer that knows what you are looking for, I would love to be your Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photographer. I still have dates free for 2019 so please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Chelsea Old Town Hall Wedding Photographer

Chelsea Old Town Hall Wedding Photographer

Chelsea is a stunning choice of the wedding location. The Royal Borough of Kensington offers a feeling of finesse that not many other locations do. Therefore it was an honor to be a Chelsea old town hall wedding photographer. The venue is idealistic for couples who are searching for a classy venue, and as this blog demonstrates, beautiful pictures to match.

Chelsea Old Town Hall Wedding Photographer

My clients Kasia and Roger were a dream to work with and their wedding was a pleasure to capture. They were blessed with a gorgeously sunny day. Both the bride and groom looked the part. However, the thing that stood out the most was the smiles they wore. The bride prepared for the wedding in a lovely hotel 11 Cadogan Gardens, with her friends and family. I felt like the hotel provided a very relaxed atmosphere which is crucial.  The bride wore a modern open-backed dress and both parties looked classy. I was able to take advantage of the surroundings and include a quick photo shoot of the bride and groom in the hotel's mirror room.

All of the guests walked down to the town hall from the hotel and as you will see this gave some lovely photo opportunities. The wedding party was small and intimate, personally. I loved the ceremony at Chelsea Old town hall. The gorgeous Victorian building is grand and royal looking, therefore, it is a beautiful choice if you are looking for stunning classy wedding photos.

Wedding photos at Hyde Park

I have previously been a photographer at Hyde Park, it's a great place to choose especially on a sunny day. It's a royal park so it always looks beautifully kept and offers a relaxing atmosphere at the same time. I love to be flexible when it comes to my clients and I always work to provide the most gorgeous pictures of your miracle moments.

In addition to this, this couple is having another wedding in Portugal. I would like to take this opportunity to add that, as a destination wedding photographer London I am more than happy to travel to meet your needs. This year I have photographed weddings in Spain and Sweden. I look forward to branching out to more wonderful locations. There are still free dates for 2019 so please do not hesitate to get in touch. Together we can make your miracle moments last forever.

If you have a perfectly planned wedding and are considering a wedding in London. I would love to be your Chelsea old town hall wedding photographer. Please do not hesitate to get in contact there are dates still available for 2019, I would be honored to capture your miracle moments.

Studio Spaces London Wedding photographer

Studio Spaces London Wedding Photographer

Studio Spaces London Wedding Photographer

Being a wedding photographer in London is truly an amazing job. Each wedding I photograph is completely unique. Small personal touches make your special day memorable for everyone involved. I now take pleasure in sharing a gorgeous wedding I photographed in London with you. My couple Jessica and Max were wonderful to work with, and as you will see their wedding pulled together beautifully.

First of all, I loved this wedding because of the closeness of the family. The lovely bride prepared for her special day at her parents flat, and I was able to capture some truly special moments. In the meantime. My assistant Ania stayed with the groom and his close friends so that no special photo opportunities were missed. The ceremony was held at St Paul's and hosted by St Marks Church where the bride happens to work.

The atmosphere of the ceremony was very relaxed, the weather was pleasant and I got some very candid photos as a result. Personal touches such as the family singing hymns and doing readings together. It really made it special to watch and therefore a pleasure to photograph. After the ceremony, the guests were chauffeured to the wedding venue in a vintage bus which was a fantastic twist! I was given the pleasure of traveling with the bride an groom in a vintage car with an open roof, I must say it was certainly a classy affair.

Another personal touch I would love to mention is the fact that we stopped off at Raines foundation school. This is where the bride and groom first met. I found this heartwarming, I truly love going the extra mile for my clients to give the best possible photos for them to look back on.

London Wedding Photographer

In contrast to the previous vintage themes. The actual wedding venue was very modern, it was hosted at 'Studio Spaces' in London. I enjoyed being a Studio Spaces London wedding photographer for the day, the venue was a great choice. The décor was awesome. They had beautiful flowers all around, and light strings coming down from the ceiling which was truly enchanting. They also had a massive sweets table. With chocolate fondue which I am certain everyone enjoyed including me. The Dj also surprisingly provided some amazing lighting. Which made the bride and groom shine as they should on their special day. All of these wonderful touches which were carefully thought about came together wonderfully, everyone left with hearts just as full as the dance floor.

If you have a perfectly planned wedding and are considering a wedding at studio spaces in London. I would love to be your studio spaces London wedding photographer. Please do not hesitate to get in contact there are dates still available for 2019, I would be honored to capture your miracle moments.

Captains wood barn wedding photography

Captains wood barn wedding photography

Have you ever dreamed of a rustic wedding in the forest? If you love mother nature and are into this type of sultry setting. You will be pleasantly surprised by the beauty it can bring to your big day. Here I will showcase my couple, miracle moments in the forest. Beware if you weren't already considering a wedding in the forest. This may change your mind!

Captains Wood Barn Wedding Photography

Personally, I love the great outdoors and I am not afraid to get stuck in, to ensure your special day is captured just the way you like it. I felt honored to be a Captains wood barn wedding photographer for the day. My amazing couple, Debbie and Ben, are both super fit and definitely looked like they were at home in this type of setting. The weather was fabulous. Forces of nature were definitely on our side. The sun beamed down and gave the setting an amazing glow. This allowed for beautiful photo opportunities that will certainly get your leaves blowing.

The wedding preparation was very chilled and the atmosphere was very relaxed and serene which really made the day special. The actual ceremony was performed in the forest and was absolutely breathtaking. The simplicity of being surrounded by nature was inspiring. The guests wore floral themed outfits. Everybody really made the effort to follow the theme which was touching to see. The bride's father was hilarious and really used his great sense of humor to bring everyone together on the day and put smiles on peoples faces including mine.

Captains Wood Barn Wedding Photographer

The wedding reception took place in a Captains wood barn and I must say it was an amazing venue choice, my couple made a great decision. The décor by 'Kuy & Co flowers' was also floral. The nature-themed, which just added magical touches to the photos as you will see. What I loved about this wedding was the amount of thought put into the planning. They had wonderful touches such as an outside grill which added to the outdoor theme. I honestly took some amazing wedding photos at Captains wood barn, as you will see the bride and groom were undeniably expert posers. They will have beautiful memories to show to their grandchildren in the future. In conclusion, I will say that this family can throw an amazing shindig, they totally rocked the dance-floor. Everybody made a great effort and the day was executed beautifully.

Wedding in forest

If you are interested in Captains wood barn wedding photography in a beautiful wedding surrounded by nature I would love to be yours. There are still free dates for 2019 so please do not hesitate to get in contact, I would love to capture your miracle moments.

Islington Town Hall Wedding Photographer

Wedding at Islington Town Hall

Islington is a very desirable wedding location in London, and here I will show you why. Greater London is undeniably beautiful especially when the weather is in your favor. Definitely, a location to consider if you aren't already!

Islington Town Hall Wedding Photographer

As you guys already know I have a fine eye for capturing miracle moments, and this ceremony at Islington town hall was certainly one of them. My wonderful clients Mag and Nic make a really sweet couple overall. I cannot wait to share the beauty of their special day with you. Evidently, the timing on Mag and Nics part was super because they were blessed with the beautiful British sunshine which can be rare. Although I love diversity, I particularly enjoyed this wedding because the bride has Polish roots just like myself.

I also enjoyed sitting amongst the guests as they were a mixture of German and British nationalities which is always refreshing to see. The Bride and Groom were fantastic and looked very cute together, neither of them could hide their smiles which were awesome. In a way, this wedding was bitter-sweet for me as I have grown to like this couple and they are now moving to Hamburg, so I hope to get an invite soon! Besides that, it was definitely a day to remember and I reflected this in the beautiful photos I captured.

By all means, if you are looking for an Islington Town hall wedding photographer look no further!

Reception at Fredericks London

The actual wedding reception was wonderful, and above all, I enjoyed being a Fredericks wedding photographer for the day. There really was some unique and stunning photo opportunities I could not resist. The whole wedding party walked from the town hall to the reception and this gave me some beautifully candid photos of everyone traveling. These are the types of photos that you can look back on. I strive to provide photos that will help you to relive your wonderful day years later!

I would love to be your Islington Town Hall Wedding Photographer and tell your wedding story. There are still some free dates for 2019 so do not wait until the last moment. Best dates go quick! Contact me and lest simply chat how amazing wedding you will have.


Dartmouth House Wedding Photographer

Dartmouth House Wedding photographer

London is a popular choice when it comes to the wedding location, I am confident that the photos I capture will show you why.

Dartmouth House Wedding Photographer

It is always a pleasure to see various fusions of background and culture at the weddings I photograph. My client’s Heather and Paul were amazing, they were both very fashionable, and I must admit an attractive couple. I felt lucky to be a part of it all and their love shined as bright as the sun did on their wedding day. The weather was refreshingly warm for the time of year, which created a great atmosphere.

Wedding in Dartmouth House

The ceremony at Dartmouth House was picture-perfect from start to finish. The sun beamed down on this day as if God gave his official approval. At the entrance to the venue were two symbolic flags. English and American, which celebrated the backgrounds of the bride and groom. The bride looked effortlessly classy on this special day, sporting an eye-catching open back wedding dress and a gleaming smile. The ceremony itself was raw and emotional, the gravity of their love for each other was truly stunning and a pleasure to capture. Their families really came together for them, the bride’s mother especially; it was touching to see her dedication to making the special day run smoothly.

When it was time to let loose and celebrate the family really made a lot of effort, crazy dancing and all! You could really feel the energy which I loved. The venue itself was a gift that kept on giving. The grand appearance of the venue was stunning, and I’m sure that my clients felt like royalty.  It provided wonderful photo opportunities and I was even able to fit in a quick a quick photoshoot at the golden hour in a park nearby, which contributed to another set of beautiful and unique photographs.

I would love to be your Dartmouth House Wedding photographer and tell your wedding story. There are still some free dates for 2019 so do not wait until the last moment. Best dates go quick! Contact me and lest simply chat how amazing wedding you will have.

Surrey national golf club wedding photographer

There are weddings that can be described as magical. Not only because the atmosphere is one of a kind, but because the theme of a wedding is unusual. Bobbie and Paul decided to decorate in the style of Alice in Wonderland. If this is how a wonderland should look, I would follow a white rabbit without hesitation.

Surrey national golf club wedding photographer

The most important thing at the wedding preparations is good company. With the closest relatives and friends around you, the stress associated with the wedding can go down to zero. Let's add music and a few bottles of champagne and time snaps. In the blink of an eye, the bride was already putting on the wedding dresses and I was on my way to the ceremony.

The whole wedding took place at the Surrey national golf club, and as I already mentioned the decorations referred to Alice in Wonderland. Ubiquitous playing cards, rabbits, clocks etc. They created an amazing atmosphere. But the most magical of the day were the emotions accompanying the bride and groom, touching but most importantly real.

London wedding photographer

I have to admit that wedding cake made of doughnuts not only sounds tempting, but it looks insanely. Despite being on a diet, I was tempted by the relish myself. Despite the passing time, everyone waited until the music will be played on the dance floor. The dazzling illumination only intensified this feeling. The kids and some of the guests could not resist and hit the dance floor before the first dance. However, it just suggested to the rest of the audience to move from the tables and show their moves.

A wedding at the Surrey national golf club has a special place in my heart because of the fantastic couple. Bobbie and Paul gave their emotions and they did not hide anything, it was a fantastic wedding.

I would love to be your Surrey national golf club wedding photographer and tell your wedding story. There are still some free dates in 2018 so do not wait until last moment, best dates go quick. Contact me and lest simply chat how amazing wedding you will have.

Grove House Roehampton wedding photographer

I feel like I have neglected my blog lately. However, I would feel bad if I did not share with you one of the most emotional weddings on which I had the opportunity to be. It was also my last wedding last year.

Jerkole and Hugo are a couple charged with love energy in every inch of their relationship. Already during the first meeting, it was obvious that the wedding for them is not only a celebration with friends. Wedding for them is something more, bringing their relationship and devotion to a completely different level.

Grove House Roehampton wedding photographer

October morning, Hotel Novotel in Brentford, lots of girls, kids, makeup, hairdresser equipment and Jerkole preparing for her big moment. But how I could forget about Michelle, mother of the bride. God bless her, she is just one of the kindest people I meet during my whole photography career. Time snaps and the bride was already on her way in vintage 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood, what a machine.

When I saw Hugo at the Barnes Methodist Church, I could sense the stress. However, this is a good stress which immediately after the ceremony turns into a powerful energy that emanates the rest of the day. Stunning ceremony with such accents as singing together or reading. Sacramental "I do” was said, it's time to have fun now.

It was my first time in Grove House Roehampton as a wedding photographer, but since I crossed the threshold I knew I would love to return there as a wedding photographer again. While the guests have enjoyed champagne in anticipation of the entrance of a bride and groom. I managed to persuade the Jerkole and Hugo for a quick photo session. And this is the moment when I expect simple smiles from my couple and they pose like the professionals and the pictures do not require editing.

The strongest point of the day, however, were the speeches. Without a script and spoken straight from the heart. There was no room for acting, every tear, a smile and a break in the voice was real. Beautiful.

However, it was time to put all this seriousness aside, time to remove high heels, loosen the ties and move to the dance hall. The DJ slammed the dance floor with his mixtape, which, combined with people ready to have fun, resulted in an explosive party. I would like to live that day again.

London wedding photographer

I would love to be your Grove House Roehampton wedding photographer and tell your wedding story. There are still some free dates in 2018 so do not wait until last moment, best dates go quick. Contact me and lest simply chat how amazing wedding you will have.

Wedding photographer Kent - C & G

The time before Christmas is the perfect time to take care of anything but cleaning a house. So as wedding photographer Kent I invite you today for a rainy but emotional wedding in Kent.

Wedding photographer Kent

For many couples, choosing the perfect wedding venue is a real challenge. However, Charlie and Guy, thanks to the kindnesses of her uncle, had the opportunity to organize their big day in his beautiful house. Located far from large cities, the massive house with an enormous piece of land was perfect for this. From early morning there was work going on the DIY marquee decorations, cake and finishes nibbles for guests. The most important thing, however, was in the room where Charlie was preparing. Together with her friends to the rhythm of music and cheerful toasts, time flowed like in a fairy tale. However, the ceremony on which the guests were already waiting, together with the groom who did not hide delicate stress, drew closer.

Everyone focused their eyes on Charlie, which you have to admit looked gorgeous. Guy, however, unlike everyone else, did not even blink for a moment to not miss even a second looking at his future wife. A powerful dose of emotions passed by all guests. Some were very emotional and did not hide their tears, others clapped with delight over the bride and groom, but everyone was clearly enjoying the moment.

Wedding in Kent

Congratulations, confetti, portrait session, Jenga, speeches, and bar are just some of the attractions planned for that afternoon. Evening approached, however, the band began putting up their instruments and jubilant guests could not wait for the first dance. Like enchanted in their fairytale, Charlie & Guy indulged in dance, focusing only on themselves. Not too much time passed and the guests have already joined the bride and groom on the dance floor and marquee have swung to the rhythm of the music.

The last thing on our list that ended this amazing day was group photos with sparklers. And this positive accent ends with a story about Charlie and Guy who today are a happy family and probably just like I decorate a Christmas tree and pack gifts.

I would love to be your Wedding photographer in Kent and tell your wedding story. There are still some free dates on 2018 so do not wait until last moment, best dates go quick. Contact me and lest simply chat how amazing wedding you will have.