Richmond Park wedding

Richmond Park Wedding - It all happened during COVID-19

Two people who are so much in love with each other decide to go no matter what and have an amazing Richmond Park Wedding. I can bet that none of us was ready for what's happened since February this year, warnings, restrictions, rules, lockdown… I can't imagine how this affects all the couples. What they had to go through with all rescheduling, finding new dates, contacting a whole bunch of suppliers and finding if they are free and what's that mean for the contract. But two people who are so much in love with each other decide to go no matter what and have an amazing Richmond Park Wedding.

Richmond Park Wedding

Originally the plan was to do it in April, but we all know the story… So the new date was set for Hannah and George, 8th of August 2020! After many email and phone calls, I was sure that no matter what both of them will get married. Nothing could stop them. In literally four months Hannah and George redid all their plans and tailor a new and awesome plan which you can see on the photos below. One thing stays the same I was their photographer!

The day was beautiful, full of the sun from morning to the last minutes of sunset. Hannah was getting ready with girls and her parents, and from the moment I step into the place it felt like any of the COVID things never happened. Music and giggling were heard from the ground floor. I know these sounds, these are the sound of great fun. I miss it so much. Bride squad was just one of the kind, they keep all the atmosphere uplift and make sure that Hannah will go on her wedding as happy as possible.

Richmond Park wedding venue

When I arrive at the wedding venue the boys were already there, looking all smart and sharp, and George looks dapper. He had everything under control, all things go as they planned and he could chill out with his friends. Greeting all friends and family with the biggest smile on his face I know that he could not wait any longer to see his future wife. Hannah and George decide to have a first look at the venue, which was super cute. I recommend for all the couples if not having this then at least to keep a secret what kind of wedding dress bride will have. It will bring tears to every man!

The heat was just pouring down from the sun so much that I regret not taking sunblock cream. The only time I remember such weather was when I shoot a destination wedding in Italy. Even the view from there is very similar to Tuscanian hills. That kind of view you will only if you will have Richmond Park Wedding or literally go to Tuscany. If you don't believe me check my previous wedding at Pembroke lodge.

Pembroke Lodge got two amazing rooms to hire, and Hannah and George got their hands on the stunning Belvedere. With massive outside area where they had their ceremony, a fabulous view which I already mentioned before and the fully open venue it was a perfect combination for a definitive win and remarkable memories.

The unfortunate part was that there were some rules which the bride and groom could not do. One of them was dancing… I enjoy that time of the wedding day but what can we do? MORE PHOTOS! I couldn't just finish the day like that and go home. Sun was still at Richmond Park and could not resist taking a freshly married couple for fabulous wedding photos in Richmond Park. And I have to say, it was a magical hour. All emotions seem to calm down, Hannah and George could just focus on each other and I was able to capture all of those moments. Truly the stunning end of the day.

Although the time now is difficult to plan your wedding and you are looking for a Pembroke Lodge wedding photographer do not wait until last moment. Many of 2020 weddings are moved to 2021 and the dates are going quick. So if you are planning to have a Richmond Park wedding and looking for a natural and creative photographer, simply contact me and lets me show you how epic your wedding photos will be.

Weddinh at Morden Hall

Unthinkable wedding at Morden Hall which will inspire you

Wedding at Morden Hall

Let's go today for a trip. A trip which finishes with a wedding at Morden hall, but it all begins with a beautiful girl named Rivkah and her charming partner Sebastion, which decide to spend their life together, forever. And how thrilled and excited I was after our first meeting, straight away we got on the same page with all the vision, ideology and most important sense of humour. I couldn't hold myself when they finally decide to entrust me to be their wedding photographer.

As I mentioned I love to travel, discover new places but I also love to sleep, haha. So when I hear that Rivka is getting ready at her house, literally 10 min by walk from me makes me feel so good. But jokes on the side and let's get back to our bride. She decides to invite a whole lot of people to prepare with her, alongside with her mum and friends there were kids, babies, make up artist, videographer and me. Chaos! Pure amazingness! I simply love the human and real side of that kind of preparation, because not everyone needs it. But the emotions are always there, smile, happiness, laughter, bit stress...

After a great time at home, it comes the hardest part. The ceremony, where all the stress escalates to maximum, where all eyes are turned on bride and groom and when the sacramental "I do" have to be said. But with super-chilled Pastor Patric and Pastor McKenzie, it all feels like a bunch of good friends meet and talk about love and relationship. Even I lose a bit and have a couple of giggles during that time. Additionally superb singing performance from one of their friends, I had goosebumps, that's how fantastic it was. The ceremony includes one more thing which I never have seen before in my life but it gives me such a second thought about "unity" and marriage. It's called "sand ceremony" and it shows the union which is symbolized through the pouring of these two individual containers of White Sand representing Rivkah, and all that she was, all that she is, and all that she will ever be- and the Gold Sand representing Sebastian, and all that he was and all that he is, and all that he will ever be, and pink for the children.

Wedding photography at Morden Hall

Rivkah and Seb decide to have their reception wedding at Morden Hall. Classic British piece of architecture with massive, surrounded by high trees so all the guest can feel like they are cut out from the reality. Both of them decide to go with a very clean and sophisticated style of the decorations, like white candles in glass covers, white rose petals solid blue and gold name cards for each guest. Very sophisticated. And from the moment when they arrived the venue starts filling with this weird feeling which always company me on every wedding. The vibe of enjoyment, happiness, fun and love, it is hard to describe it but I am sure my photos are showing it. It was an amazing wedding at Morden Hall and I can't imagine being somewhere else that day. Thank you, Rivkah, thank you Seb.

If you are planning to have your wedding at Morden Hall and want to have amazing wedding photography at Morden Hall do not hesitate and contact me, best dates go quick. I am already taking bookings for 2021 and got still some dates left for 2020. Simply contact me and lets me show you how epic your wedding at Morden Hall will be!

Wedding at Wyresdale Park

Not so serious wedding at Wyresdale Park as you imagine

Wedding at Wyresdale Park

I've been asked multiple times do I travel further if my couple decides to not get married in London. The answer is simply "YES"! I think this is one of the most fun parts of my job, that I can explore and discover new grounds, all thanks to my couples. This time I had a chance to travel all the way up the north of England to small-town Scorton where Wyresdale Park wedding venue is placed. Enjoy that wedding photography at Wyresdale Park

Hannah and Jak decided to have their wedding in November and despite the fact of how the weather could be that time of the year, the day went epic! So much energy and great vibes straight from the preparation of the bride until last minutes on the dancefloor were just over the top. I literally was waiting for this wedding so bad since engagement photoshoot which we shoot in summer. You ask why? Well, Hannah and Jak got this kind of personality which makes us click straight on the first moment we meet, and we also meet a year ago on their friend's wedding in Captain's wood barn.

Regardless of the weather Hannah decide to go with an open back, sleeveless wedding dress and beautiful long veil which complete the entire look. With stunning flowers from Milly Davey Flowers, she looks like an absolute angel which Jak confirmed when he drops some tears while Hannah was walking down the alley.

Wedding photography at Wyresdale Park

Wedding at Wyresdale Park was one of the kind. Obviously, the couple and guests create all the great atmosphere but the ceremony room by itself is simply stunning. Rustical/Vintage barn style which suits perfectly for later on night fun. Even a fireplace in the middle of it gives those amazing sound of fire crackling and warm up the whole room, I personally did not feel it is autumn at all.

Every couple stresses on their wedding even a bit, but after the ceremony, all of it just goes away and the wedding couple can finally enjoy the day. As always I took my wedding couple for a quick photoshoot around the venue to capture them in their outstanding outfits. Wedding photos in Wyresdale Park just went perfect, the surrounding area and architecture of the place is just astonishing and gives such a lot of possibilities. However, one place in the whole venue was just made for an EPIC group shot. Hannah told me about it a while ago and I have to say that this is one of my best photos I took in the whole career. It is the photo of the wedding party in one of the room all looking dapper, sophisticated and cool as F... ! I love it!

As I already mentioned the wedding took place in November, however energy from all the people heat up the atmosphere and create great superb vibes which follow trough all day. Smiles, shouts, a bit of alcohol, beautiful bride and groom and you got yourself to plan for a perfect wedding. And just before first dance wedding couple decides to have sparklers which I personally love to shoot at the wedding. Those small sparkling sticks got some sort of magic which makes all people who have them, smile and feel like kids again.

Finally, the time comes to hit the dance floor and use all the energy gathered over the day and show some moves, and believe me on one moment I thought that there is some small earthquake, turned out it was guests jumping all over the place! Wedding at Wyresdale park was a great finish of 2019 season for me and I will never forget it. Thank you, Hannah and Jak!

I am sure you would love to see more of Hannah and Jak, I highly recommend checking when I was their wedding photographer Manchester on fantastic engagement photoshoot!

If you are planning to have your wedding at Wyresdale park and want to have amazing wedding photography at Wyresdale Park do not hesitate and contact me, best dates go quick. I am already taking bookings for 2021 and got still some dates left for 2020. Simply contact me and lets me show you how epic your wedding at Wyresdale park will be!

Milton keynes wedding photographer

Milton Keynes wedding photographer - Day that change my life

Milton Keynes Wedding photographer

For me personally this wedding in Milton Keynes has been the most anticipated wedding of 2019. My first Skype call with my lovely couple Amy and Martin was back in 2018. From that moment on I knew we were on the same page. They are such a unique and lovely couple. I knew shortly after that I would be their Milton Keynes wedding photographer for the day. They also decide to have autumn engagement photos which were one of the coolest photoshoots I ever did, you have to check it out. Not many couples are brave enough to do this and it was superb. 

Wedding at The tree cathedral

The tree cathedral is a gorgeous venue in Milton Keynes. The word ‘tree’ describes it best. For those who love nature, a wedding at the tree Cathedral is ideal. It is a cathedral that is literally made up of tree’s which is insanely unique. Because of this being a Milton Keynes wedding photographer was such an exciting experience.

The bride Amy prepared for the wedding at home with all her bridesmaids. She also bravely decided to do her own hair and makeup, which turned out so well. She had such a genuine smile plastered on her face throughout the whole day. This is what I loved the most.

The atmosphere at the ceremony was euphoric. All of the surrounding trees and live music and readings were just beautiful. Conveniently the reception took place two minutes away from where the vowels were exchanged. It took place in a massive field surrounded by trees. This made it feel private despite the city surroundings. My couple got creative and used a wedding tipi decked out with tables chairs. They also had lots of fresh flowers placed in fancy gin bottles which were a great touch. The cake tasted amazing. It was literally was the cherry on top in terms of decor, just look at the photos.

It was the perfect wedding for my couple and was executed wonderfully. The people were fabulous and the wedding at the tree cathedral was amazing. They even played some awesome garden games such a treasure hunt, which I haven’t seen done before. I can’t emphasise enough how perfect it was for the wedding to be at The tree cathedral. In the middle of the day, I took Amy and Martin on their photoshoot and it went so smoothly. Obviously, because they are great but the background definitely played it’s part too.

The evening ended with an unforgettable rave. I literally thought the whole tipi gonna come down. The bride and groom literally thought about every detail and never failed to surprise me. Just as we were finishing up I found out they hired a food truck to come and cook fresh pizzas and calzone in the evening. 

Wedding photographer in Milton Keynes

So why you should get married in Milton Keynes? First of all, it is full of amazing and great places to for your big day, from farms and barns around to very sophisticated locals where you can suit yourself and organize one hell of a wedding. It is relatively close to London, if you hire a vintage wedding bus and let your guests ride there it will take no more than an hour. That's why I decide to move here too because it is such a beautiful piece of the United Kingdom, so now I am a wedding photographer in Milton Keynes but that does not stop me from shooting worldwide.

The city is full of great and approachable wedding suppliers who will take care of you and will be driven by different motives than money. I am in the process of creating an ultimate wedding team which you will be able to hire for your wedding in Milton Keynes, for example, marquee which you see here are from one and only Piece of Cake Marque.

If you are inspired by all things natural and need a Milton Keynes wedding photographer for your own wedding please do not hesitate to book.

South Farm wedding photographer 1

South Farm wedding photographer

South Farm wedding photographer

When you saw the title of this blog you were probably expecting to see a crazy couple on a muddy farm. However, this venue is literally the opposite of that. My couple Georgia and Charlie had great taste choosing to have their wedding at South Farm. It’s a romantic and picturesque location in Cambridgeshire. I would recommend South Farm to a couple hoping for an intimate wedding. You will see why!

This wedding excited me particularly because Georgia the lovely bride had contacted me prior to the wedding. This was before they had even chosen a date or specific venue. When I was asked to be her wedding photographer at South Farm, I knew that this wedding would be special. That place is literally an ideallic location for a South Farm wedding photographer like me.

Wedding at South Farm

The prep for this gorgeous wedding at South Farm was super fun and so chilled. Georgia is lucky enough to have amazing friends who made everything run smoothly for her. Her friend even gave her a lovely custom made denim jacket from Rhubarb&Co. If you are looking for gift inspiration you should definitely check them out. On the subject of gift-giving Georgia thoughtfully gave personalised gifts to her mum and mother in law. This included a “no ugly crying” hanky which I’m sure was very much appreciated.

Personal touches at a wedding are so important. I know some of you brides-to-be will be dying to know where Georgia’s flower bouquet was from. It was done by Becky from Feather and Ferns and she did an amazing job. All of the flower decorations were so colourful and modern looking.

Whilst there are a lot of things you can control about your wedding, the weather is one thing you simply can’t. Luckily for Georgia and Charlie, there wasn’t a single drop of rain. This enabled them to have their ceremony in the gorgeous Summer House at South Farm. This quirky couple's ceremony consisted of multiple readings and even a song from Lord of the rings. I loved this idea.

As for the photos they had absolutely mastered all of the signature poses. They created a beautiful set of wedding portraits in what seemed like the blink of an eye. When I first met Georgia she mentioned having smoke grenades, and in true bridal fashion, she got her way. They went for yellow smoke grenades which looked insane in photos and literally kept me on my toes.

When the time came for the first dance, all of the guests were fired up and ready to release their energy. They all cracked out their best moves to some great hits put together by the DJ. I feel honoured to be a part of all of the weddings I photograph. This one, in particular, was so memorable for me and I couldn’t imagine spending my time doing anything else that day.
Also, I was definitely able to enjoy it more than usual which is a rare treat for me. My two good friends Robert and Ola from Kubicki took care of all the video prep for me. It was great to see you guys.

I hope some of you found some wedding inspiration on this blog. If you are looking for the South farm wedding photographer to cater to your specific needs look no further. Please do not hesitate to enquire for dates in 2020/2021. I look forward to documenting more of your miracle moments.

same sex wedding photographer

Bistrotheque - Same sex wedding photographer

Same sex wedding photographer

By the title of this blog, I’m sure you would have guessed that I covered a gorgeous same sex wedding. The UK has only had same sex marriage since 2014, and it is of great importance to me to be a wedding photographer for everyone and every couple. All of the couples I shoot deserve the utmost happiness.

At the beginning of the day, my couple, Dan and Tom both got ready together. Casting aside usual tradition I was able to get some amazing photos of them preparing for their special day together. I thought this was a great idea and I hope they will cherish these memories for years to come. Both Dan and Thomas looked so stylish on their wedding day, they definitely weren’t in danger of being upstaged! The ceremony took place at another one of London’s hidden gems Bistrotheque. The overall feel of the venue was contemporary and gave a light atmosphere. As same sex wedding photographer would definitely recommend Bistroheque as a wedding venue.

Wedding at Bistrotheque

The ceremony was lovingly conducted by a close friend of the grooms. This added that special touch everyone looks for at their wedding. It was personal and she gave great insight into who they are as individuals, as well as a couple. As you all know by now your wedding is your time to shine. Tom mentioned to me that he didn’t know how to pose, he was definitely bluffing. Five minutes later he rocked the photoshoot with Dan they honestly looked great together. The speeches were super emotional especially the one by Toms best man who hired him a male stripper. How could you possibly have a stag without one! It was also touching when Tom proposed to Dan so that he could experience how it felt. Of course, Tom said yes and everyone loved it. Once the formalities were over with the true fun began, that dance floor was explosive. The guests were raving and the grooms were dancing like crazy literally having the time of their lives. However the piece de resistance was when the drag queen came to perform, it was magical. Also funnily enough everyone loved my floral shirt which was an added bonus.

I hope some of you found some wedding inspiration on this blog. If you are looking for the same sex wedding photographer to cater to your specific needs look no further. Please do not hesitate to enquire for dates in 2020/2021. I look forward to documenting more of your miracle moments.

Wedding photographer Reading

Penta Hotel - Wedding Photographer Reading

Wedding Photographer Reading

Festival hotspot Reading is a popular location in the south of England. A charismatic choice from my couple Ligia and Jose. I have known Ligia for a couple of years now. I was honored when she and her groom asked me to be their wedding photographer. We had been talking about the wedding for a long time and the special day finally came. It just shows that you can have what you want if you plan and work towards it. I and the groom Jose also clicked instantly. Perhaps it was fate that we realized our mutual love for old-school RPG games, card games, and fantasy books. My adventurous couple ditched usual tradition and got ready for the wedding together. I was able to capture some really great moments for them both. These moments can now be cherished forever. Ligia and Jose were initially preparing for bad weather after looking at the forecast. The Lord himself must have had other plans because the weather was fantastic all day. One unique thing about this wedding was the fact that Jose's best friend Thomasz, actually designed the brides dress. The creativity of it really blew my mind, it was amazing and looked great on camera too.

Wedding at Penta Hotel

The ceremony and reception took place at the Penta Hotel in Reading. All of the guests were super friendly and made me feel so very comfortable. The hotel also doubled up as a great spot for a photo shoot with the bride and groom. Luckily for them, this won't be the end of the celebrations for this couple. These lovebirds are having two more wedding ceremonies in Spain and Poland so stay tuned. What a wedding at Penta Hotel it was.

I hope some of you found some wedding inspiration on this blog. If you are looking for a wedding photographer Reading to cater to your specific needs look no further. Please do not hesitate to enquire for dates in 2019/2020. I look forward to documenting more of your miracle moments.

wedding at chelsea old town hall

Outstanding wedding at Chelsea Old Town Hall

Wedding at Chelsea Old Town Hall

Out of all the places I visit often, Chelsea old town hall is one of my favorite registry offices. I love the atmosphere there its cool and mellow, almost adapting to the needs of different couples. My bride and groom Nelli and Christopher certainly kept their cool and did not stress once on their wedding at Chelsea Old Town Hall. I actually met this couple two years ago at a wedding I was working on, its always a great thing seeing familiar faces. Especially ones that smile the whole time.

Wedding reception at Cross Keys Pub

Cross Keys Pub is actually a great choice of wedding venue. If you are looking for amazing vintage interior and fantastic food at your venue this is the place for you. I am sure the photos will speak for themselves. I must also add that the staff there were very friendly and the service was great keeping the guests happy. This may seem like a small thing, however, attention to details such as these will take a lot of pressure off on your big day.

Nelli and Christopher looked perfect together on their special day and they definitely knew it. They did not let the weather stop them from rocking their photo shoot on the streets on London. One thing you cannot control on your big day is the weather, the key to a successful photo shoot on your day is to embrace every moment.

I hope that some of the tips I have given can inspire more great ideas for me to capture. I would love to write about more of your unique stories. For dates in 2019/2020 please enquire. I look forward to hearing from you.

Wedding at Islington Town hall 2

Wedding at Islington Town hall

Wedding at Islington town hall

If you are planning a wedding you may be considering London as a location and its easy to see why. My couple Rita and Eglis hosted their wedding in Islington town hall greater London. I felt honoured to play a part in their special day. As we all know the weather in London can be temperamental. December is typically winter time, however, the sun was out and shining for Rita and Eglis.

Winter wedding in London

Rita got ready with her friends and her mother, I was able to get some lovely snaps of them together. She was also very self-sufficient and did her hair and makeup all by herself. Not many brides are brave enough to so a lot of respect to her. The ceremony was held at Islington town hall which is a really beautiful venue for those interested, its actually one of my favourite venues. After the ceremony, the wedding party all took cabs to Central London. My lovely couple understandably wanted photos in Trafalgar square by the Christmas tree.

They both looked amazing in the night with all the lights around them. From there to the hired venue was a short walk. It was a great idea because we were able even to have a quick photoshoot during the walk. I got some amazing shots in the middle of a busy street with fabulous lights. My couple along with their family and friends looked so happy it was infectious. This was my last wedding of 2018 and we definitely ended it with a bang!

If you are planning a wedding at Islington town hall, please do not hesitate to get in contact. I am taking bookings for 2020 with early birds offer and still have free dates for 2019. Lots of hugs, Bart!

Wedding at Pembroke Lodge 3

Wedding at Pembroke Lodge

Pembroke Lodge is obviously a popular choice of wedding venue. I say this as I am lucky enough to have this location already featured on my blog. Getting another chance to be a Pembroke Lodge wedding photographer was one that I could not resist. My couple Erina and Kosuke clearly have great taste. These wonderful couples engagement photos at Greenwich are also already featured on my blog so be sure to take a look.

Pembroke Lodge wedding photography

Erina and Kosuke's wedding at Pembroke Lodge was beautifully intimate, they were surrounded by close friends and family. This lucky couple is also going to have a second ceremony in Japan so this was considered as their first wedding. It has been an honor to be such a big part of some of their most precious moments. The gorgeous bride Erina prepared herself for the wedding at the venue. I was especially impressed as she did everything all by herself and managed to look like a princess. Kosuke also looked admirably sharp and dapper on his day along with his groomsmen. I was able to get some awesome photos of them both individually, and together they looked perfect.

Richmond Park Wedding

I would highly recommend Pembroke lodge as a wedding venue, the photos are always stunning every time. After the ceremony, there was live music, which was a lovely touch played by Barbara the violinist. Also, we were able to get some photos in the rose garden next to the venue it was magical. In the evening the whole wedding party headed to central London. Erina and Kosuke hired a pub which gave the whole wedding party a chance to let loose and enjoy a good pint. The atmosphere was joyous and it was truly a special day. I was even cheeky enough to ask my couple for some more time. I was able to get some snaps of them both in the city, it was a great idea as you will see.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in London who will always put your needs first please do not hesitate to get in contact. I still have dates free for 2019 and would love to tell more of your stories.