Coggeshall Grange Barn - London wedding photographer

Wow. It's been a while since I last wrote here. But who would expect this season to be so busy for London wedding photographer? October, however, is for the photographer a moment to rest and make up for writing blogs. So I invite you to one of the wildest weddings of the year.

London wedding photographer

Everything started very quietly at the White Hart Hotel in Coggeshall where Katie along with the bridesmaids and her mum were preparing for a wedding. With the sound of open champagne and chilled music, it was impossible to see any stress from Katie. How could you? If you getting married with a love of your life surrounded by your closest family and friends. Rob, the bride's father was probably the funniest guy that day I met. Katie in her wedding dress looks killing, just look at the photos. Kiron you are one lucky man!

After a small taxi issue that Katie took to Grange Barn in Coggeshall, everything was back to normal and the bride waited with her friends for a big entrance. Kiron despite great self-confidence, when he saw his future wife krill, not emotion, a single tear ran down his cheek like a culmination of this beautiful day. Huge, rustic barn filled with wonderful people, fantastic DIY decorations and Rachel with their beautiful singing created an amazing atmosphere that will remain in the memory of everyone for a long time.

The hardest part of the day was after them. Time to relax, have fun and ... shooting from the bow? I do not have to say that this is not the easiest sport. But when Katie entered the game, without much trouble hit the bullseye the first time. Ultimately, no one did it that day. As it was the middle of summer you could not miss the delicious ice cream, which as soon as they appeared, rain appears. Which does not completely frightened guests before to get their portions.

Coggeshall Grange Barn

Sun was slowly hiding behind the horizon, it was time for me to take a portrait session for my beautiful couple who is supposedly non-photogenic. But seeing the first photo on my camera, I said: "yeah right". Katie and Kiron were as enchanted, posing as professional models, but you can judge yourself.

The d floor was prepared for what I did not expect, namely Silent Disco ... For a reason, I was the only person, not have the headphones to observe what is going on there. A lot of people listened to one channel where Britney Spears resounded and another with AC / DC. Complete madness when the bride sings UPS I DID IT AGAIN and her colleague SHOOT TO THRILL. But it turned out that the barn was too small for such a wild party, so they all went outside where they were raving to the very end. Going out of the event, I saw Kiron dancing on one of the tables with his friends ... WOW.

It was a marvellous day filled up with lots of emotions and love, thank you very much, Katie and Kiron, for choosing me to be your London wedding photographer I am still taking bookings for 2018  so if you are looking for a London wedding photographercontact me to talk about details.


couple kissing in wedding bus in london

Garden Museum - Professional wedding photographer London

Being professional wedding photographer London is one of the most amazing things I could imagine doing. Not only because of amazing places and beautiful city but because of the people. Otherwise how I would meet such fantastic people like Aileen and Kier?

Professional wedding photographer London

I think I mention it already why I shoot weddings. But for someone who is here for the first time might be new. I do love wedding because of unexpected chaos. Everything can happen and even if there is a plan it always can change.  Aileen gets ready with eight bridesmaids in one apartment, so you can imagine what was going out there? Pure amazingness! Everywhere I could hear chats, laughs and cheers.

The ceremony had a place in the same church where Aileen parents 43 years ago got their wedding. R C Church of The English Martyrs is beautiful, big and stunning gothic church to have your wedding ceremony. Aileen and Kier swear to each other, love and cherish till death there do part. In front of all their family and guests, they started a new chapter in their already amazing life.

All stress goes down after a stunning ceremony and everyone could jump into a wedding bus which takes guests to the reception. In my mind, I had a sketch of the wedding reception, which Aileen and Kier have chosen. But what I saw after arriving at Garden Museum in London simply stun me. The place looks gorgeous, tables got London touch and names of London Underground stops for recognition.Unbelievable how the museum can change for a one day into remarkable place to celebrate one of the most important days in couple life. While everyone has fun, I was even able to take my beautiful couple for some wedding photos in Westminster, and they look dazzling.

Garden Museum wedding

Time has come for the first dance of bride and groom, and shortly after that, all guests join them on the dance floor. Party was going and all guests were smashing it. When the band was not playing DJ had to put his set, people were just hungry for dance. Time for me has come to leave the reception but I just could imagine how wild party goes after me finishing.

It was a marvellous day filled up with lots of emotions and love, thank you very much, Aileen and Kier, for choosing me to be your professional wedding photographer I am still taking bookings for 2017 and already booking for 2018 so if you are looking for a professional wedding photographer London contact me to talk about details.

wedding couple posing in Tythe Barn Oxfordshire wedding photographer

Tythe Barn-Wedding photographer Oxford

The most important for me is the first impression. After a few minutes with Esther, I knew that their wedding at The Tythe Barn would be amazing and I want to be their wedding photographer Oxford. Listening to the story about Daniel and the details that the bride and groom planned I could not wait for the upcoming wedding.

Wedding photographer Oxford

On my way to Bicester, I tried to imagine everything Esther told me. Having arrived at the place, I found something that surpassed my wildest expectations. Fantastic barn decorated with flowers, garden games for guests and beautiful bride. With the sound of party music and the opening champagne, girls were preparing for the coming day. The hair and make-up were all completely done by themselves without professional help. In no way, I could feel that anyone was stressed out. That is how every preparation should look like.

Daniel, on the other hand, expecting Esther to walk towards him during the ceremony, drop a symbolic tear. The moment he saw her, everything changed, there was a smile on his face and a sense of how much they loved each other. Esther's father conducted a ceremony, which made it even more private. During the singing, people fully lose themselves in the celebration.

On the way to the wedding, sky forecast gray clouds all day long. However, someone was watching over the bride and groom, because as soon as they came outside the blue sky appeared to everyone. Warm spring sun allowed all guests to relax and enjoy the pimped prosecco. All of that was topped up with beautiful love photo shoot in light of fading away sun.The day was perfect. I could not imagine a better moment for that.

The time that everyone was waiting for came up, party! Madness, screams, good music and fantastic people left the dance floor with unforgettable memories for everyone and a fantastic photo that today presents.Thank you, Esther and Daniel, for choosing me to be your wedding photographer Oxford.

Oxford wedding photographer

I am still taking bookings for 2017 and already booking for 2018 so if you are looking for an Oxfordshire wedding photographer contact me to talk about details.

wedding couple posing on their photoshoot in London

V&W - Wedding photography London

Today's blog is a definition of the highest quality of wedding photography London. I'm just wondering why I did not post it earlier. That was the another time I helped my good friend Voyteck, thanks to him I could be part of that amazing day.

I have repeated this many times, but again I will repeat again. The weather is not a sign of a fantastic wedding. It's the people who write the stories, bride and groom, their guests, the emotions that accompany them. The usual stress during the preparation of that day was not evident in any form. The groom together with the ushers in peace and good humor... dispersed crossword. Incredibly comfortable was that the ceremony took place in the same hotel where the wedding pair was preparing. The decor hall, filled with guests together with the groom, was waiting for the entrance of the most important woman of the day. And there she was, full of love and happiness.

After the ceremony, the hotel was so kind that they let us into a beautiful room where we could do a quick wedding session. I have to admit that despite the sun appear that December afternoon, the wedding couple was superbly brave, and decide to do group photos outside. Still, they I am thankful for them because the light was simply stunning.

To facilitate transport for everyone to the reception, the bride and groom hired classic English red buses. Thanks to that they all came to the spot at the same time and the real party could start. From a posh hotel to a British pub made in an old brewery in London, the combination of those places made this last wedding in 2016 one of most amazing weddings I attend.

The reception was decorated in DIY style, beer bottles with various twigs, wooden pallet with evening plan, chalked blackboard with names, telling who is the most important that night. There is even a custom beer coaster which, apart from professional wedding photography, is today a fantastic souvenir of the day.

After the speeches guests unleash their power on the dance floor. In the sound of the most diverse music that was served by talented DJ even the groom returned to his youthful hobby like breakdance. Neon lights, loud music, and cheers of joy lasted long after we left the party. A fantastic finish of 2016!

Wedding photography London

Bride and bridesmaids holding flowers in London

Pub wedding - London wedding photographer

The most amazing thing about being London wedding photographer is that I visit places which normally I would probably not found. One fo the last autumn weekends of 2016 I was at fantastic pub wedding in central London where I assisted for my friend Voyteck. I, therefore invite you on a journey through the urban jungle where love was born.

London wedding photographer

Adventure of that day start with family breakfast which took place at the South Place Hotel. It is quite unusually that instead of photographing groom getting ready I take part in a very energetic and enthusiastic meal in a group of closest friends and family. After relieving stress drink, team groom moved towards the place where the ceremony had a place and subsequent party. I love doing wedding photography in London, that days always surprise me. For example, going into a side street, you can find one door that leads to the most spectacular places of this city, pure magic.

As for this time of the year, the weather did not major problems, however, it emphasized the British mood of the event. Emotions, however, did not fall and despite the gathering clouds herald the rainy evening, with every minute excitement of that beautiful day grew. Fantastically decorated lounge and details that were inside the ballroom gave the place an additional refined taste.

The most powerful point of the day, was thanks from bride and groom to a grandmother. Without which, none of them would be there that day. Everyone thanked with thunderous applause and preternaturally loud cheers, the energy was so powerful that even I join in with loud "BRAVO".

In the light colored spotlights on the dance floor began to resound live music that brings all the guests to enjoy the night. Shouts of joy, laughter, applauses and the clatter of the heels every minute became more and more loudly. Work turned into a fun, which together with my friend we had a chance to immortalize. I hope you enjoy this amazing pub wedding in London.

I would love to be your London wedding photographer and tell your wedding story. Contact me as the best dates go quickly.

bride and groom walking down in the rain

Garden wedding - Wedding photographer Nottingham

There will be a peacock... That was the only information which Tom, who I helped that day gave me. The rest was a surprise.

Wedding photographer Nottingham

Between rustling leafs and brushing against them, rain drops, in a beautiful house with huge garden Ellie and Tom were preparing to their big day. The hand build marquee by a father of the bride looks like made by professionals. It was perfect for what was coming. DYI wedding decoration fills that place with the personal touch and caused warm feel in all upcoming guests. Nothing was able to ruin this gorgeous wedding in Nottingham. Ellie looked delicate and beautiful in her modern wedding dress, her smile only emphasized how excited an upcoming wedding.

The ceremony was held in the intimate church of St Michael and All Angels Church in Rearsby in the company of close family and friends. After a touching mass with singing the bride and groom ran through the pouring rain, into a car to return as soon as possible and enjoy the day. However, even rainfall was not able to wash away the smile from their faces.

Time stopped for a moment, no one cared what the weather is or what is going on outside the mansion, everyone enjoyed the happiness of Ellie and Tom. Between laughs and kids running around you could still see bride and groom in love, who after all was able to find a moment for a very romantic kiss. After touching and hilarious speeches finally came time for the first dance. However, it quickly changed into a group dance to which joined all the guests. No matter what age, elder or young, everyone danced to the rhythm of live music. At the end of the day, even sun wink to Ellie and Tom, wishing them all the best!

I would love to be your Wedding photographer Nottingham and tell your wedding story.Contact me as the best dates go quickly.

Mercure Whately Hall - Oxfordshire wedding photographer

Oxfordshire wedding photographer

I am sure that you remember Inabelle and Jason from their engagement shoot in Oxford. Today I was assisting for Tom on this amazing wedding at Mercure Whately Hall in Banbury.  That was a truly amazing day filled up with laugh, tears and love. What was most remarkable for me on that Oxford wedding were guests, they enjoy that amazing moment with bride and groom even when the sun did not find a way trough clouds. But as I wrote before, a weather is just an additional thing. It is good to have a nice sunny wedding but what is more important is fun and enjoyment.

There are still free dates for 2017. If you are looking for a professional Oxfordshire wedding photographer do not hesitate and contact me, best dates go quickly.

South Farm-Wedding photographer Hertfordshire

Living in a big city is amazing, I love it but if I would recommend something for future couples is to have their wedding outside, open area where all of your guests and family would have no hesitation of raving at your wedding day. As a wedding photographer London I know that there is not too many places like that in City but that doesn't mean they do not exist, they are still waiting for me and my couples.

Wedding photographer Hertfordshire

There is only one thing that I am unsure about weddings in UK , it is a weather... I know how many of couples just wish to have a bit of sun, and I hope that in 2017 all of the wedding couples will get what they wish for! But let's get back to Candice and James, super smiled couple who got their wedding in Hertfordshire at South Farm. As much a weather didn't show off that day , that all the guests rock the day, they show how to celebrate the wedding in South Farm, and I absolutely loved it. I have to thanks for amazing guy Voyteck , who let me to help him that day, hopefully 2017 will be same good for us!

2017 just hits, so if you planning your wedding and looking for an affordable wedding photographer Londoncontact me for more details. Best dates go really fast so do not wait till last moment because it might be too late. For my early booking and weekday weddings there is a special offer so make sure to ask for that.

Devonshire Terrace - African wedding photographer London

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Oaks Farm - Wedding photoshoot Croydon

Hey, do you remember when Kylie and Charlie got their wedding at Oaks Farm Croydon ? Of course you do, who could forget such a beautiful couple, especially if they just been super lucky with a light which we had that day. So today I post something what you haven't seen from that day, and that is their wedding photo shoot in Croydon, which we did in the middle of their big day. These kind of moments when I can take my couples for a quick wedding portrait shoots give me an opportunity to give them something extra to their wedding story but also pull them out of the guests and have some time together where they can catch a breath before their wedding reception. I hope you will enjoy this beautiful wedding photo shoot in Oaks farm Croydon. And if you looking for a fantastic wedding venue in Croydon have a look at Oaks Farm website.

Professional wedding photographer South London

2017 is coming with really fast, so if looking for a wedding photographer Surrey do not wait till last moment, best dates go quickly and I would be very happy to be part of your big day. If you got any questions do not hesitate and contact me so we can find out best package for you. Let me tell your wedding story as it is one of the greatest day in your whole life.