I find it a little awkward to talk about myself personally; I much prefer listening and learning about other people but I know that if you are considering trusting me with the role of your photographer you would like to know a little about the person behind the camera.

My name is Bart. I am a professional wedding photographer residing in London. I was 15 when I first began my adventure into photography and from this point it was my dream to pursue a career in this incredibly flexible media. The never knew the impact and effect photography would have on my life; in fact, my relationship with the camera grew to define me as a person. My photos will reflect who I am more than any description could. In the last few years I began looking for my place within photography and have found confidence and conviction with Wedding Photography. This genre has all the elements to push me every day to improve and achieve the greatest I can not only for myself put for the couples’ whose stories I illustrate. The thought of my couples looking at the photos in their cherished wedding album in twenty years’ time and being transported back to those special moments fills me with excitement and an awareness that every person is unique and every individual wedding is like a piece of art produced in a theatre stage but without any predetermined script. Your wedding day is your story and it is an honour to capture your moments and narrate it through my photographs. While my own story is nothing exceptional, your wedding day truly is and it is important to have the right person assume a role in your story so that you can trust them to save every special instant of your very special day.

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One day, so many emotions.

Emotions, emotions, emotions… They are an integral part of the wedding day. Loud shouts, sneaky kisses, cheeky smiles and sometimes even tears, they are there and that is what I want to show you. Your wedding is all about this, people and their emotions creating this powerful vibe which you will remember forever.