About me

Today, I am going to shoot someone… and they will love me for it! 
– Unknown

Hi Bart here

The first thing when you see me, what you will notice is the marvellous beard and my tattoos. I was always interested in that form of expressing myself. Currently, have one full sleeve done by an amazing artist from Poland, thanks, Pawel. For your notice, yes they do hurt like hell!!! Combine that with a love to flower shirts and explosive energy you got one fabulous guy!

I chat like crazy…If we meet reserve for yourself a bit of time because I will ask you all about your wedding. And I think that what makes me stand out from many people, this kind of trust from the first hug for people. Thanks to that I was able to meet such fantastic couples from all around the world. Still waiting for one magical couple who will decide to have their wedding in Japan, I know you are there somewhere.

My partner in crime

My Wife

My Life

My Love

Fun time

Now that you know who I am and what is important for me in wedding photography it is time to connect!

“Photography has nothing to do with cameras.”
– Lucas Gentry