Doing sunrise engagement photos London the right way!

Sunrise engagement photos London

Deciding to do sunrise engagement photos London is one hell of an idea. Since I decided to move out from the big city and move to a much more green area, getting into London take a bit of time. However good old cold shower, eggs and bacon for breakfast with a double espresso on the side do the job. The biggest concern for me was how much energy would have my couple that day. Let’s don’t forget we met around 5 am in the morning… After the first elbow bump (it is still COVID-19 in the air) Jennifer and Henry show me that no matter what time it is, they are ready to rock their engagement photos in Central London.

Spring engagement photos

I think spring is a fantastic time for a photoshoot which I already wrote about in my last blog post. The weather is just perfect, not too hot not too cold. You can wear your favorite clothes and match them with a coat or jacket. In the middle of the photoshoot you can simply take it off and you have different look. No need to carry spare clothes for change. This time my couple decide to go really classy and opposite but in the end matching sets. Jennifer with her creamy coat and the rest of the set going dark matches perfectly with the black coat of Henry and creamy sweater. Really simple but so cool!

Where to go on your spring engagement photos London

WHEREVER YOU WANT!!! That is the greatest part of the mornings in London. The streets are literally empty. So take advantage of the beautiful architecture of which big city. Use their old building as magnificent background. I lived in London for around 10 years and experiencing such thing as silence in the central part of the city is something totally out of my imagination. We had the whole Albert Royal Hall just for us! We could use their amazing stair to capture superb stills without thinking about people around.
One of the requests from Jennifer was to capture some photos in front of Imperial College of Science and Technology which she graduated! What a star! And obviously, because of such an early time, there was literally no one around, not even a single person. I think it will become for me a usual time for photoshoots from now on.

Engagement photo shoot in Hyde Park

Another perfect place for sunrise engagement photos in London is the one and only Hyde Park. I think I’ve been to that place hundred times and I know I will visit it even more. It is just an absolutely perfect place for photos. From flat fields, through tall grass, high trees, and The Serpentine this part of London offers what every wedding photographer needs. To be honest, that’s where we start and that’s where we finished our photo shoot. For those couple of hours, only the weather changes and well maybe a few people decide to go for a run. I am not surprised, it was a beautiful sunrise. I normally experience totally different vibe there. With a high amount of people, a lot of noises, and limited space that was a good chance.

Engagement photoshoots are something special, not only because you receive more lovely photos but many other reasons. For this, I am sending you to my blog post Why you should have an engagement photoshoot“. Make sure to read it before you decide to not have one.

Although the time now is difficult to plan your wedding and you are looking for a wedding photographer do not wait until the last moment, the dates are going quick. So if you are looking for an outstanding Milton Keynes wedding photographer or would like to book yourself sunrise engagement photos London like Jennifer and Henry simply contact me and lets me show you how epic your wedding photos will be.

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