Engagement photos in Central London

So I finally set myself in a new place, however, some of the boxes are still waiting to be unpacked and I wanted to get myself out of all those things and decide to share with you amazing engagement photos in Central London I shoot last year with Chloe and Mark.

Engagement photos in Central London

After refreshing and relaxing GnT in the local pub we went for our tour around the most amazing places in Central London. Straight after we get out both of them share with me lots of their great energy. Lots of smiles, kisses and funny jokes resulted in superb natural engagement photos. We were super lucky that day with the weather, the sun was shining through clouds allowing me to shoot a couple breaking the rules, against sun shots. And oh my, I love to break that rule.

It was my lucky day. The moment when we walked up to St Paul’s Cathedral I realized we got all the stairs and upper area just for us. I could spend all afternoon over there. It is a simply beautiful place for engagement photos in Central London. Sunrays are shooting through the buildings at a certain time of the day (let it be my secret when), and give a colour that no effect can produce. Chloe and Mark also felt it and you can tell by their smiles that it was just pure fun for all of us.

I had one more ace in my sleeve, by the river there is always plenty of the street artist, musicians and… bubble makers ( I hope that is how they called). By a small fee, they will be super kind and blow those bubbles over the couple, and again we were super lucky because the wind here is essential, and my oh my… It went over my expectation. That was a superb October afternoon which finished with a cup of hot coffee and chats about wedding plans.

Although the time now is difficult to plan your wedding and you are looking for a wedding photographer do not wait until the last moment. Many of 2020 weddings are moved to 2021 and the dates are going quick. So if you are looking for outstanding engagement photos in Central or wedding photographer Simply contact me and lets me show you how epic your wedding photos will be.

Lots of hugs

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