Why you definitely should have an engagement photo shoot?

There are many reasons why you should have an engagement photography session with your wedding photographer London before your actual wedding day, but the main reason is to encapsulate the feelings and progress of your story with each other. During this love photo shoot you are in the beautiful stage between lovers and husband and wife; you have just officially promised to spend your lives together.

The events on your wedding day are planned meticulously and are shared across both families and many circles of friends. On your wedding day, chances are you may be feeling anxious, stressed, or emotional and having an engagement photo shoot will give you the opportunity to focus on each other while feeling relaxed and without feeling under any pressure. Your engagement shoot allows you a calm environment where it is just you and your photographer. You can also have a lot more input and get creative with your shots, poses and environment; you can have some real fun! It also doubles up as practise for the wedding photo shoot!

Once you see your engagement photos you will feel more excited for the big day itself and you will also have been able to build a rapport and relationship between you and your wedding photographer and you will have had the chance to experience the process of a photo shoot and the results of your photographers work, reassuring you of your choice in photographer. It also gives your photographer the chance to get to know who you are and see your story together, this will in turn allow them to bring out the best in each of you and help portray your story to the best of their abilities.

You can also use your engagement photos as part of your wedding invitations or part of a save-the-date card. You could also send them out as gifts to family members.

But however you plan to enjoy them, engagement photos, and equally as important – the engagement shoot will be an important and enjoyable part of the process leading to the crescendo that is your wedding day.

Love engagement photoshoot London is an amazing filling of wedding story,  it creates an introduction of how you and your another half are close and how big are your feelings to each other. That’s why I can offer FREE engagement photo shoot if you book a 2017/18 wedding with me until the end of this year. Just contact me and let me show how amazing your wedding day will be.