39 inspiring spring engagement photos

Spring engagement photos

Since 2020 when lockdown hit us pretty hard, my photography journey slows down… It is nothing to be proud of, but I had my second thoughts “what is going to happen now”? First, it was pretty cool to chill out at my new place. Having an everyday bbq with my wife, taking long walks, and playing video games till late was like everyone’s dream. However, I felt like I was missing something. Even going to a regular day job didn’t fill this empty space. Over six months my cameras were unused. Capturing nothing and slowly dying… However, one simple day changes everything. It was not the first day, but one of the firsts days of the spring when I felt the real warm sun on my skin. The smell of the fresh air and still a bit of chilly wind on my chicks remind me of the days when I was a teenager and spend every afternoon taking photos of nature, my friends, or whatever project 16 years old I had in my head. I knew it is time to get back on track and prepare myself for the upcoming season. That’s how those spring engagement photos projects started.

Ewelina and Adrian are my very good friends from work. The superpower couple who support each other, laugh and tease on every step of their life. I knew they are the perfect people for this and after just one afternoon we had all the ideas in our head. The only thing stays a secret to them. The perfect location which I surprisingly found is located five minutes out of my house. This spring engagement photo could only finish with epic frames. And that’s what happened !!!

Spring engagement photos outfits

What to wear for spring engagement photos? I do never tell my couples what should they wear. I only tell them to be themselves, that’s all. However, Ewelina was so excited she opened her closet out and start sending me photos on messenger with ideas for their clothes. The decision was made, denim bottoms, white shoes, and white tops. Sounds simple? Yes, it is, but how fantastic it looks! Match it with a really cool pink jacket and tons of simple and you got a recipe for stunning spring engagement photos. The great part is that spring afternoons/evenings start really warm and finishing pretty chilly. Which means that your outfit will change during that time. It is a fantastic way to bring some freshness into the photos.

Spring engagement photos ideas

You might not be a fashion guru or photography master but you can be a visioner and have this super idea in your head for a photoshoot and the only thing which you can choose will be … a place. This time I went on a classic countryside walk. All three of us agree that it will be a superb idea and a lot of fun walking in the sun, chatting and laughing. I am more than pleased with the final effect, same as my couple. However, if you do look for another view there is no problem choosing a city vibe. Sunrays shooting through the gaps of skyscrapers, a mixture of super-lighted areas, and very dark-shaded spaces can be very creative for you. I used to live in London for nine years. I love that city, it is just remarkable and with light like we had that day, I am sure the result would be very the same. And by that, I mean EPIC PHOTOS! Go crazy, plan something new or follow other photographers steps and choose a place where they already been, there is nothing wrong with that. Just imagine for example super cozy photos in a vintage coffee shop, the sun goes through the front window, a couple is enjoying their cup of coffee, laughing and planning their life and you are just there… Maybe that is my next plan? Who knows. If you think that spring is not your time check my Autumn engagement photos and consider having it then.

Tips for spring engagement photos

So you want your photos to be great? Of course, what a silly question. Let’s talk about the obvious… Stress. Well, this is all based on our minds but I would advise you to speak with your photographer first. Tell him/her what you feel what are your concerns. As a professional wedding photographer in Buckinghamshire, I do hear it quite often but in the end, the results are always the same. The satisfied and happy couple and one very proud photographer.
There is nothing bad about being stress. That is a mostly new experience for you. But don’t worry, we are not there to capture and sell a product we are there to capture your smile and love. As long as you won’t afraid to show that off, everything will be good. Well if you do have a free bottle of prosecco in your fridge, give it a go, just leave something to celebrate the end of the day too.

Pros and cons of the spring engagement photos

Every season of the year got its advantages and disadvantages. For example, summer is most likely to have fantastic weather but the heat can be very exhausting. When it comes to spring it is very difficult to predict (especially in the UK) what to expect the next day. If you have a set date and that is the only day then a good idea is to have a plan B in case of rain. Some indoor even your own place can be a great idea to capture outstanding photos. It is all about you, remember that. Also the pollen. If you have an allergy that might affect your time on the photoshoot. However, there are plenty of good sides when you decide to have spring engagement photos. Everythings bloom! That is always beautiful background for you and your partner. The temperature won’t be so high so no extra sweating or carrying a big bottle of water with you. That is a big plus. As I already cover the what to wear on spring engagement photos you now know that you can go a bit lighter with what you plan to wear. That means more comfortable movement, all sitting position or getting really close won’t be a problem. I love spring!

Best time for spring engagement photos

If I got a choice I will always go with a golden hour. From my personal experience, I feel like it lasts a bit longer than in the summer. The temperature is getting a bit down so if you around some water there is a chance for a beautiful mist. If however, you can’t do it that time. Then what about the start of the day? Sunsets pretty similar but with one big advantage. There won’t be so many people around. Because who wants to wake up at 6 am on their day off (haha!). Especially in the cities, the street will be much less crowded and you got a chance to capture fabulous spring photos in the best locations without unnecessary people. However the middle of the day is not bad too, the sun is not so harsh as in the summer, the only problem is that there won’t be any golden sun shots. As you can see there is no bad time for spring engagement photos. So choose what suits you most.

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