Engagement photo shoot in Hyde Park

Engagement photo shoot in Hyde Park

Many people who live in London don’t take full advantage of this beautiful city. My jet-setting couple Vera and John came all the way from the USA for their engagement photo shoot in Hyde Park. Talking of long distances my couples relationship actually started as a long-distance romance. John lived in London and Vera lived in New York, after a year John moved to the USA. A real-life fairytale romance if you ask me. We kicked off the day by visiting a school where John previously worked which was a sentimental touch and stopped off at the famous Abbey Road which is known for a photo of the Beatles. The tourists were so kind and gave us space for a full street photo when Vera and John crossed the famous road.

Vera also suggested a visit to little Venice, a place I had not even heard of after all these years. It was such a cool location to shoot with lots of boats all around. The photos taken there were great so I would totally recommend if the real Venice is looking a little pricey. We wrapped up the photo shoot at the gorgeous hyde park. We took photos until the sunset and then came my favourite time, golden hour. However, the window isn’t actually that big and golden hour usually only lasts for around 20 minutes. This was plenty of time for me to capture my couple in all of their splendour.

If you are planning a wedding, please do not hesitate to get in contact. I am taking bookings for 2020 with early birds offer and still have free dates for 2019. Lots of hugs, Bart!

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  1. Great work by your photographer! He’s awesome) But it isn’t relevant-you two are what make the photoshoot amazing! Wow! Love is happiness!!))


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