How outdoor wedding games will change your reception

Outdoor wedding games have the potential to leave the most peaceful of couples going back and forth like a game of ping pong. However with my vast knowledge and experience of weddings hopefully this article will settle all of your quarrels. This is how you do wedding games the right way.

Outdoor wedding games ideas!

Offering wedding guests a source of entertainment can only be a positive right? Well, I know from experience that the planning process can be a stressful time. So here’s how to make it easier for yourself. Find games that are easier to play, some examples include Jenga, connect four and noughts and crosses. All of these games are well known and will definitely rope in guests of all ages. What’s even better is these games come in giant form. You can buy them online at reasonable prices. Games like this are always safe, as they are easy to learn and are not complicated, they come with easy instructions. This is a huge advantage for you time-savers. It will help to make sure your time is dedicated to the most important things in your day, as it should be.

Outdoor wedding games on the lawn

If you are willing to reach into your wallet to make things even easier than this. You should consider looking online and hiring a game. I have noticed that hiring wedding games are becoming increasingly popular. As a wedding photographer, I can understand why. Some popular games for hire are child-friendly inflatables, for example, bouncy castles and helter-skelter. You can even hire rodeo bulls for adults that have a wild side. Usually, this type of entertainment comes with a person to set it up for you, at an added fee of course! From my experience, many guests enjoy this type of entertainment and they definitely get me snapping to capture those precious moments of joy.

Outdoor wedding games for wedding reception

Another superb outdoor wedding games idea if you do have access to a bigger and bit more woody area is a treasure hunt. It does not only bring a high amount of your guests to participate in this activity but bring a dose of rivalry as well. Questions could be written in the form of a rhymed poem or contain a connection to bride and groom, I witness only one of those at the wedding and I can tell you that it is a guaranteed success.  And if you want to spice things up and bring competitiveness to another level simply hire croquet. Your guests will love it even if they don’t know the rules! And do you know that simple rope can be a great addition to your outdoor wedding games? Imagine a family tug of war. Or even better if you planning to invite kids to your wedding, adults vs all of them! They will love it!

Outdoor games for weddings, cliché or a must-have?

However, you must always remember that some guests at your wedding may not be able to actively participate in certain types of wedding games. Here are some great wedding games that are not physical, but will get every guest revved up.

  • Bride and groom trivia
  • The wheel of fortune
  • Couples crossword

These games require more set-up time but they add a wonderful personal touch to weddings and leave guests with memories of your day that will last a lifetime.

If you are stuck always use your guest list as a guide to choosing games. For example, if you are lucky enough to get away with a child-free wedding you can choose a more sophisticated and suitable wedding game. Always be aware of your guests’ needs but also of your own, and you can not go wrong. Additionally, get your partner involved, I wrote ultimate wedding tips for groom and with them, you will plan an amazing wedding.

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