10 Ultimate wedding tips for groom

Wedding tips for groom

Future husbands this is my ultimate wedding tips for groom, to prepare for one of the most important days in your life. There is no doubt that your future wife will be involved in planning the wedding. However, as much as she will be happy and will enjoy it, you should join her in this. Being married myself I know how challenging is to prepare for such a day like a wedding. With a great number of guests, it is becoming a full-time job, but there is so much fun in that, believe me. Let’s don’t stretch this introduction too long and get into the business.


You might already know that, not black magic here. However, this is her day. She is the star and that’s it. As I mentioned before she will take care of most of the stuff, but showing interest and involvement in the planning will make her feel incredibly wonderful. It does not take a lot. Order some food, open a bottle of wine and ask her what she thinks, what she wants, what she expects from your big day. Even if you are not really into things like that, ask about colours, music, food, and things you can relate to. Last thing. On the wedding day remember this is your wedding and as much as you would like to spend time with your boys, your wife needs you. So apologize to your boys, grab your wife’s hand and drag her on the dance floor when the music hits. It is and always will be the most important wedding tips for groom I can ever mention.


That one must be pretty silly but imagine on multiple weddings it was me who help out sorting ties or bowties. I got no problem with that, however, this could be a useful skill if I am not there and you got a group of funny lads trying to prepare for a wedding ceremony. Apart from that, if you planning to have a handkerchief in your suit, have a look at the different styles you can slide them in. As many of us think, unfortunately, it is not just tucked in. Let me also mention buttonholes. They do not go inside of the whole you got on the suit and to make it stay up all day there is a special technique how to pin it. There are tons of wedding tips for groom on how to do it on Youtube. Three useful skills you should learn.

Wedding day tips for groom

3. Prepare that not everything will be perfect

We all want to satisfy our wives when it comes to stunning weddings, but it does not always happen. Imagine I attend to one of the weddings where the bride was late 3 hours for the wedding ceremony… And you know what? Nothing happened, it was still a fabulous day. The average wedding size I attend is around 100 guests. Someone will get late, someone will go to the bar when should take family photos with you. To be honest I think that’s what makes me excited over every wedding, this unexpected part that no one plans. Because of this, it feels so natural. Plan everything and be ready but at the same time don’t stress yourself and don’t let those things ruin your and your partner’s wedding day.

4. Practice your speech

You can leave this point if public speaking is something natural for you. However, most of us never had the opportunity to speak to so many people who will quietly look at us. Especially when you won’t tell jokes, you will be talking about your private feelings, about how important your bride is to you. On the other hand, thinking in the way I will tell you now, can reduce anxiety quite significant. People who are in the room are your family and closest friends. They are waiting for what you got to say and they really will love it. Your speech will be mostly thanking people for coming in which you already did throughout the day. Last but not least, you will speak about the most amazing and stunning person in your life who you chose to stay with till the end. If this doesn’t work, remember, cheeky cold beer helps out for trembling voices. If you would like to know more wedding tips for groom how about a blog with wedding tips for groom speech? Interested in?

5. Choose your best man wisely

This man will be your support, this will be the guy who you will go to if you need anything to be done. Your job on the day is to get married and have fun. However, your best man is your most trusted guy. Choose wisely, if the person you thinking about can go too crazy on the day and won’t pay too much attention to your needs then maybe it is better to think twice. I don’t say to pick up your grandfather, however, be 100% sure that whoever you choose for this role will be capable to handle it with the respect you would do for him.

6. Put your groomsmen straight

We all have this group of friends who are close to us throughout our lives. We all know each other, without communication we know who will get hammered first in the pub or who would lose it when his favourite team lost a game. Weddings are made to celebrate and have fun, however, sometimes boys can forget that there will be a bit bigger group of people than normal and some of them might not like the crazy approach someone can choose to go with. Don’t act like a boss at work, rather just simply explain how important it is for you and your bride and how involved they will be with the day. With the knowledge that they have key roles to play, they will get more serious about it.

Wedding planning tips for groom

7. Ask for help

I have never seen a groom who runs everything by himself, it is impossible. There are guests to greet, there are celebrants or registry office people to talk to. There is a wedding planner or manager of the venue who will ask you questions and most of all there is always this one lost person who you need now to be in place. Combining with the previous point, involve your boys on your wedding day. Share with them your wedding schedule, names and phone numbers of the parents of your and your fiancee, addresses and even a group shot list. This way you will save tons of stress and time. Don’t try to be on top of everything, entrust people and they will help you out.

8. Hire professional suppliers

There are things that neither you, your spouse, groomsmen or anyone else could do. Any of those tasks are left to the specialists. Hire professional suppliers, they will take care of you and take a huge amount of work from your shoulders. Get yourself a wedding planner or MC who will run the day and allow you to simply enjoy yourself. If you don’t know much about fashion go to a tailor or speak to a specialist who will guide you on what will work for you best. Your brother just bought an expensive camera? Great! But do you trust him with something like wedding photos? Think about where your skills are simply not enough and simply hire a professional. Remember that as experienced people in the industry we know tons of wedding tips for groom which we will share with you to help you out.

9. Don’t wait until the last minute

As you already realized there you will have to hire people or rent stuff. I bet your fiancee got a venue on her mind or a band that she simply can’t imagine a wedding without. Don’t wait and don’t play unobtainable. In the United Kingdom, there are over 275 000 weddings every year. Most of the suppliers are booked a year in advance, I am getting a book 2 years in advance and it is a shame when I have to decline a couple because I am already booked. It is a massive industry with hundreds of thousands of weddings every year. If you contact a supplier and ghost it after your conversation and your wedding is in the “season” I can guarantee you that this date will be taken sooner than later. I speak on this from my own experience. I do have couples who come back to me after months from our meeting and want to book me but I am already taken. So if you and most of all your bride like something and you need it, and of course, it is in your budget, don’t wait. Get it and it is one less thing to prepare.

10. Enjoy yourself

It is your wedding day. Nothing can be changed now. Whatever happens, it happens. Let it go and have fun. Your wife and you spend so much time, effort and money to make it work that it would be a waste of not enjoying yourself. Smile, dance, shout, drink, eat and wake up the next day hoping that your legs hurt more than your head! And if you want to prepare great fun for your guests check my blog about how outdoor wedding games will change your reception. On the other side share with your wife Ultimate wedding flower tips which she can use before big day. Those are all of my ultimate wedding tips for groom. I am sure it will come helpful!

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