Engagement photos in Amsterdam and best sandwich you can find there

Engagement photos in Amsterdam

Social media can play such a crucial role in my work. It allows me to connect with so many different types of people which I am grateful for. Bernard and I connected through a Facebook group for photographers. This is how I got to know him and his lovely wife Jessica. He told me of his plans to have engagement photos taken in Amsterdam. I was so excited because I try to visit Amsterdam at least once a year anyway. It is one of my favourite places in the world. The city is amazing and has such great food, architecture and friendly people. Everyone should visit there at least once in their life. Or even just go there to have wedding photos in Amsterdam like my couple. There’s something simply romantic about the atmosphere there.

My couple Bernard and Jessica flew in all the way from Singapore just for the shoot. Their wedding photos in Amsterdam as you will see were gorgeous. Jessica was stunned in a blue dress which contrasted perfectly with the golden sun rays. Bernard looked very dapper in a striped shirt. His haircut was so my style, it was like looking in a mirror. If he had a beard we would’ve passed as twins I’m sure. We clicked straight away it was just like seeing a long lost best friend, it must be my charm.

Wedding photos in Amsterdam

There’s something so motivating about couples who step outside their comfort zone. Many of my couples have had their photos taken in such beautiful places around the world. As I mentioned I have visited this amazing city before. This made the engagement photos in Amsterdam so easy to navigate. However, along the way, I did spot some new corners of town which is always a bonus. Usually, I am too shy to mention on here that I have actually studied tourism and hospitality. So after all those years of uni, I could finally use my well-earned knowledge :D.

Luckily for my couple, the weather was fantastic, it was sunny all day until noon. We rounded up the wedding photos in Amsterdam with an epic sunset scene it was just perfect. Normally after engagement photos In Amsterdam or somewhere similar, I would go straight home. However, I just couldn’t resist stealing an extra day there just for myself. But that’s definitely a story for another time.

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So it finally happened, I can tick out from my bucket list doing engagement photos in Amsterdam, and oh my… I can’t wait for another adventurous couple who decided to go there and go epic with their photos. Amsterdam is one of the kind cities in the world, especially if you are going there for the first time. Expecting some wildlife and crazy things happening on the street is probably is what people imagine, but when you finally arrive there what you see is a massive cultural mixture, great food places and tons of bicycles. Every corner hides something, every narrow street can be an adventure and I couldn’t mention architecture which I simply am stunned. Walking by a canal makes me feel like time stopped for a while and nothing else matters. I want to keep this place in my heart and mind as long as possible and thankfully with those engagement photos in Amsterdam, I can! OH, I would forget. There is no better place for breakfast in the whole city than Toastable Nieuwendijk. They simply serve the best toasts across the whole city. And their sauces… You have to try it

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If you are planning to have your engagement photos in Amsterdam or any other place on earth, please do not hesitate to get in contact. I am taking bookings for 2020 with early birds offer, best dates go quick so do not wait until the last moment. Lots of hugs, Bart!

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