Coombe Abbey Hotel Wedding – Unforgettable Elegance

Coombe Abbey Hotel Wedding: The Beginning of Swon & Dylan’s Journey

In July 2023, I had an opportunity to be the photographer at Swon and Dylan’s wedding, which took place at the serene Coombe Abbey Hotel. Surrounded by classic Warwickshire hills and valleys, this hotel is so engrossed in history that every event feels as though one has indeed stepped back into time.

Elegance Unfolds: Bridal Preparations at Coombe Abbey Hotel Wedding

The day broke in the tranquil rooms of Coombe Abbey where Swon, having her bridesmaids by her side, started off with the bridal preparations. It was kind of very touching a thing when it came to that point that Swon sets out to do her makeup and also does her hair just like the way her bridesmaids will do theirs. In equal parts of dignified ease and frenetic exhilaration, the atmosphere was filled with every brush stroke bringing Swon one step closer to her desired look. As friends and family dropped in to express their good wishes, the room stirred with laughter and electricity.

Elegance Unfolds: Bridal Preparations at Coombe Abbey

The joy at Swon and Dylan’s wedding leaps out of every picture. There’s a grandeur to each wedding that takes place at Coombe Abbey, but the unfiltered emotion shining through these pictures is just one reason why this collection has always been special to me as a wedding photographer Oxfordshire. With tears of happiness shining in the eyes of the guests, Swon and Dylan exchanged vows that resonated back through those same historic halls with their own voices. Every single moment, right from the gentle slide of rings to their first kiss as a wedded couple, preached of nothing else but love.

The air in post-ceremony seeped out the energy and became filled with a dynamism that almost became touchable. The reception at Coombe Abbey Hotel Wedding was a whirl of laughter, dance and heart-felt conversations. A standout moment from the wedding has definitely to be the couple’s first dance, transformed into a whimsical scene as guests playfully fire bubble guns, encaging Swon and Dylan in a dreamy aura.

In here, my style based on the real unscripted moments found its perfect ground. The shots of smiling, dancing crowd, bubbles floating around the newly-wed – a lot of all these were not part of my imagination back then as a wedding photographer, but they sure are great to capture on film. I think that this what makes every wedding album a treasure – moment full of life, moments full of joy.

Fashion Meets History: Stylish Portraits at Coombe Abbey Hotel Wedding

In the moments between laughter and fun, we managed to sneak in a few minutes here and there for some creative portraits of Swon and Dylan amidst all the beautiful surroundings. With Coombe Abbey as our historical playground, every frame is the perfect combination of modern fashion and old world elegance. The fun ramped up with the wedding party as playful smoke grenades came into the mix for colorful, high energy group shots that went against the grain of tradition.

Looking back on Swon and Dylan’s wedding day—it’s the pure exuberance and humanness that remains. As a photographer, it was truly an honour to get to capture the joy of such a beautiful day at Coombe Abbey Hotel Wedding. From the graceful preparations from the makeup and the getting ready details all the way down to that dancefloor – each moment was one of complete celebration and love and joy.

Coombe Abbey Wedding Photography: A Tale of Love and Laughter

Coombe Abbey weddings are always something special, but Swon and Dylan’s was nothing short of spectacular. If you’re organising your own Coombe Abbey Hotel wedding and are looking for real moments, relaxed and emotional photographer, please do get in touch. As an Oxfordshire wedding photographer, my focus is in finding those moments that tell your story.

Ready to immortalize the day with photos that will tell your amazing wedding story? Get in touch and let us plan how best to capture your Coombe Abbey Hotel Wedding.

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