Abingdon Abbey Buildings Wedding – Doggos, BBQ & I Dos

Abingdon Abbey Buildings Wedding

Hey there! Ever dreamed of a wedding where laughter floats through the air as easily as the scent of BBQ? Well, Cat and Felix turned that dream into reality at their Abingdon Abbey Buildings wedding. Imagine a perfect blend of historic charm and laid-back summer vibes, where the only thing warmer than the sun was the love between bride and groom. This wasn’t your typical wedding day, oh no – it was a wedding where every moment felt like a scene from your favorite rom-com, complete with fluffy dogs and a BBQ Lets jump into a summer wedding where love, laughter and sillyness take over . Make sure to check the rocking photos from the dancefloor!

Kicking off a day as unforgettable as Cat and Felix’s Abingdon Abbey Buildings wedding started with the kind of morning that stories are made of. Amidst the hum of anticipation and the golden summer light streaming through the windows, there was Cat, in the midst of her closest friends, exuding the kind of calm joy you’d want to bottle up. Their morning wasn’t about rushing; it was about savoring – laughter shared over chilled drinks, stories exchanged with every brushstroke of makeup, and moments of quiet emotion that speak volumes.

While Cat was getting in her wedding dress I had time to visit Felix at the venue, it was just three minute walk, he was a picture of readiness, ensuring every detail at the venue was set to perfection. It’s not every day you see such dedication, and it was clear he wanted every aspect of their Abingdon Abbey Buildings wedding to be just right. Amidst the final touches, I caught a moment to capture a few portraits of him in his suit. These moments, quiet yet full of anticipation, were a stark contrast to the lively atmosphere that would soon fill the Abbey Buildings. It was a privilege to witness and capture this side of Felix, moments before he and Cat would embark on their most memorable journey together.

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The Abingdon Abbey Buildings wedding hit the perfect note of heartwarming excitement. As Cat made her entrance in the Long Gallery, a space resonating with history, every face lit up in anticipation. It was one of those moments where you could feel the collective joy bouncing off the ancient stone walls. And when she paused to give a kiss to Artie, it wasn’t just cute—it was a snapshot of the day’s blended spirit of love and family. Perri, in her esteemed role as the ring bearer, added that special touch that was uniquely ‘them.’

Cat and Felix’s exchange of vows was all about the genuine connection they share, peppered with the kind of personal anecdotes and promises that had everyone grinning from ear to ear. Their commitment was framed not by grand gestures but by the simplicity and depth of their words, making every listener hang on to the moment just a bit longer.

As they were joyfully announced as husband and wife, the room erupted—not with formal applause, but with the kind of enthusiastic cheer you’d expect at the culmination of a great story. It was a vivid affirmation of their journey together, marking the beginning of a new chapter.
Their exit, triumphantly walking back down the aisle with smiles that said it all, set the tone for the rest of the day. This wasn’t just a formality; it was a heartfelt acknowledgment of their bond, celebrated in a place as timeless as their love. The Abbey Buildings witnessed not just the union of Cat and Felix but a jubilant gathering that mirrored their spirit: warm, genuine, and full of life.

Abbey Buildings Wedding

After the vows were exchanged and the cheers had settled, the scene shifted outdoors to the sun-drenched gardens of the Abbey Buildings, ready to host a reception that was all about good times and great vibes. With Felix having made sure everything was set just right, the stage was set for an unforgettable bash.

Cat and Felix’s idea of a perfect reception? Think ice-cold drinks chilling in a wheelbarrow, games like bean bag toss set up for a laugh, and an American flag-themed Hook and Ring toss as a nod to Cat’s home. The atmosphere was charged with a laid-back energy, the kind that invites you to kick off your shoes and stay awhile.

The air at this Abingdon Abbey Buildings wedding filled with the strumming of live music, setting a soundtrack to a reception that felt more like a summer garden party among friends than a formal event. And when it came to capturing the newlyweds and their wedding party letting loose, the champagne pop shot became the highlight—spraying champagne, laughter echoing, and moments filled with genuine fun.

But let’s not forget the grill. The scent of BBQ mingling with the summer air added that final touch to the day’s festivities, cementing the garden BBQ vibe Cat and Felix were aiming for. It was relaxed, it was joyful, and it was uniquely theirs. Guests mingled, games were played, and the laughter never seemed to end. It was a reception that perfectly reflected the couple’s love for fun, spontaneity, and each other.

As the evening approached on this Abingdon Abbey Buildings Wedding and the first dance was on the horizon, the anticipation built up. Everyone knew this wasn’t the end but the beginning of a night where the dance floor would become the heart of the celebration. If my schedule had been a bit lighter, I would have been tempted to join in, camera aside, and dance the night away. Cat and Felix’s wedding was a reminder that at the heart of every great celebration is love, laughter, and a couple of fluffy dogs making it all the more special. It was truly remarkable Abingdon Abbey Buildings wedding.

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