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Hey everyone! Just want to share the vibes from Rachel and Conor’s wedding day at Woodhurst Grange. Picture a perfect summer day, the kind with endless sun and everyone in a great mood, topped off with the coolest touch – an ice cream van serving up the good stuff, like my fav, pistachio. The place was buzzing with chilled-out, happy vibes, from the sunflower decor to the laughter echoing under the open sky. If you’re up for a tale of a laid-back, fun-filled wedding, stick around. This one’s a keeper.

Woodhurst Grange Wedding Photography That Tells Your Story

Jumping straight into the heart of Rachel and Conor’s big day, the morning buzz at Woodhurst Grange wedding venue was something else. With the sun high and bright, our bride and groom kicked off their day in style, surrounded by their closest peeps. Rachel was all smiles in her prep space, sipping Prosecco and sharing laughs with her squad. The vibe a pure chill.

On the flip side, Conor and his mates had their own kind of fun under the summer sky, cracking open cold ones and soaking in the good vibes Woodhurst Grange wedding venue generously offers. Darting between the two, camera in hand, I caught every genuine smile and burst of laughter. It’s not every day you get to see both sides of the wedding morning unfold like this, making Woodhurst Grange wedding photography a real treat.

The laid-back atmosphere, set against the backdrop of this stunning venue, really set the tone for the day. It was all about good times, great company, and the kind of memories that stick with you. And yeah, those vibrant sunflower details and Rachel’s cool surname trainers? They were just the cherry on top.

I Do at Woodhurst Grange Wedding Venue

The ceremony, oh man, it was pure magic. Out there in the open, with Woodhurst Grange stretching all around us, Rachel and Conor made it official, and let me tell you, it was beautiful. They went for this awesome countryside vibe, with guests sitting on hay bales, the sun shining down like it was all for them. And when Rachel walked down the aisle, Conor’s face was everything – that moment of pure emotion, it’s what we live for, right?

Their vows, they nailed it – funny, touching, and so them. It’s those personal touches that really make a ceremony stand out, and theirs was like a hit track – had us all feeling the love. Conor’s victory cheer at the end? Epic. He was over the moon, and honestly, so was everyone else.

Having the ceremony outdoors at Woodhurst Grange wedding venue was a stroke of genius. It gave everything a laid-back, yet totally special feel. Plus, capturing those moments, with the backdrop of the venue and all those happy faces, was a dream. Woodhurst Grange wedding photos from this part of the day? Absolutely stunning.

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After saying “I do” under that glorious sun, the vibe shifted to full-on celebration mode. Woodhurst Grange wedding venue turned into the ultimate party spot. They had this bar set up serving the chilliest drinks – perfect for the warm weather. And the canapes? Spot on. But here’s the kicker: an adult-size bouncy castle. Yes, you heard right. It wasn’t just the kids bouncing off the walls; the “big kids” got in on the action too. Even I couldn’t resist sneaking in a jump or two – felt like being 15 again!

Photo time was a blast, especially with the champagne pop shot – always a winner. The lads even tossed Conor up in the air. Heart stopped for a sec, but don’t worry, they caught him. Phew!

Now, the entrance to the reception – inspired by “The Office” wedding dance. Absolute gold. Conor pulling off a cartwheel had everyone in stitches. If laughter’s the best medicine, we were all cured that day.

The setting? Pure boho-vibes with a twist of vibrant. Those sunflower centerpieces really popped against the white tablecloths and wooden accents. And spotting the engagement shoot photos we took, scattered around, made it all feel so personal.

Modern Barn Wedding

As the evening rolled in, everyone gathered for the hog roast, chatting and laughing under the setting sun. Sneaking Rachel and Conor away for some quick portraits was a breeze – the venue’s greenery and those cool white tents made for some killer shots. Plus, after our engagement shoot, they were pros in front of the camera.

But the real cherry on top? That vintage ice cream van. I mean, double pistachio for me – no regrets. As the night kicked off, so did the dance floor. It was on fire, with everyone bringing their A-game moves. And yes, ABBA had me joining in – who can sit still for “Dancing Queen”?

Capping the night off, I snagged this epic shot of Rachel and Conor by the ice cream van, with the evening mist setting in. Just the perfect end to a perfect day. Woodhurst Grange wedding photos from this reception? They’re more than just pictures; they’re the vibe, the laughter, and the love, all wrapped up in one.

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Amazing suppliers:
Venue: Woodhurst Grange
Flowers: Manna Flowers
Dress: Blush Bridal Couture
MUA: Sharp Faces Makup
Marquee and Decor: Dottie & Russell
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