Wedding photos in Greenwich – Story which starts with tears

Wedding photos in Greenwich

No, it is not a clickbait. These wedding photos in Greenwich really starts with tears… However, the way they appear was out of any control. But let’s not spoil everything straight away and let’s start from the beginning.
Trina and Andrew the main couple of today’s story decided that nothing can stop them from getting married, even virus as COVID-19 have no power there. And what could be better to put aside all of the planning and paperwork, than an amazing afternoon spends on taking some engagement photos in one of the most beautiful places in London, Greenwich Park? I and Trina know this famous place from the most important part it makes in the world history, namely Thor-The Dark World! And as a comics, superheroes, gaming nerd/geek I sink into the conversation about superhumans in tight pants and crazy costumes.

I mention about the tears? Yes, they were there and I am sorry to keep you all waiting. The reason why Trina is smiling and crying at the same time is my friend…one and only…Mr. Wind! I am not going to lie. I love it when it is windy. The hair starts dancing and tangling and go into weird shapes that even craziest hairdressers won’t think about it, so when the wind picks up you can be sure that I will take photos. There is something in special in those frames, imperfection but at the same time unpredictableness. If I had to choose between a clean and smooth photo of my couple and crazy windy blowing hair moment with tears going down the cheek, without hesitation I would pick the second one.

Engagement photos Greenwich

Sometimes I think my couples go for an extra mile when it comes to preparation before wedding photoshoot. Every time, and this time there is no difference, my couples know what to do. I give them a very basic and easy guide and then they pull out energy like from a massive can of energy drink or triple espresso. Trina and Andrew are made for themselves and these wedding photos in Greenwich are the best proof of it. Straight from the first minutes their smile, kiss, jump and enjoy like crazy.

Brides and grooms! That what we are looking for. This is a tip for all of you who are thinking about what to do at the wedding photoshoot. Enjoy, smile, show lots of love! Because it is easy to put on your best dress and epic shirt but no clothes or accessories will beat love and emotions! Give it a go, you got nothing to lose. Just look on Trina and Andrew!

The greatest part of taking wedding photos in Greenwich is, no matter how many times you go there there are always some great spots waiting for me. Let’s just think in this way, if you tired of green/park scenery there is stunning Greenwich University down the bottom, not enough? View on the river? Check! Ok, let’s say you want to go into a different direction, boom, you got Canary Wharf just across the Thames. Filled up with spectacular tall glass business buildings and very modern feeling, Canary Wharf is a great alternative for those nature photos.

Should I have an engagement photoshoot?

And just to give one more extra thing on top of that, and it is totally free, here is a quick guide Why you definitely should have an engagement photoshoot. Totally free and worth of checking.

Although the time now is difficult to plan your wedding and you are looking for a wedding photographer do not wait until last moment. Many of 2020 weddings are moved to 2021 and the dates are going quick. So if you are looking for outstanding Wedding photos in Greenwich, simply contact me and lets me show you how epic your wedding photos will be.

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