The moment I write this blog, Jessica and Max prepare the last bits for their wedding. And now I know that it will be a wedding that will not be an ordinary wedding. However, today I would like to share with you their wedding photos in Hyde Park.

Wedding  photos in Hyde Park

I assume that couples which I will work with will stress on the very beginning. That’s why I decide to choose a place where there will be a lot of people. This will allow them to break the stress associated with the crowd. By the way, this allows me to show amazing locations in London.

We met in the late afternoon and use Covent Garden as the first location, calmly and without pressure. To my surprise, Jessica and Max posed like enchanted ones. Focused on themselves, separating the environment allowed me to do what I do best. And my God, how amazing they look …

Covent Garden wedding photos

I assumed that we would spend at least an hour and a half on Covent garden wedding photos, but when I looked at the watch, it did not take 20 minutes and we were done there. However, I had a plan B, the hidden gem of London. A small square with colorful buildings and in the center of which is … pharmacy. Neal’s Yard if anyone was curious. For me a bomb, attention only to the crowds of people.

Waiting for the sunset, which for me is the most important moment of the evening, we had to take some time. And probably there was no better solution than a pint and the world championships in football.

However, this moment has come, piece de resistance, a golden hour! It is here that Jessica and Max showed a real fire. I can not describe these wedding photos in Hyde Park with words. The first pictures are taken, literally, a few meters after entering the park. Stunning.

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