Wedding Photographer Sweden – Destination Swedish Wedding

Wedding Photographer Sweden

As you all know weddings are not easy to plan and certainly not easy to pull off. I always appreciate it when small details are included to make the day special. My couple Janna and Marek have mixed backgrounds (Polish and Swedish). That’s why it was a pleasure to travel and be their wedding photographer in Sweden.

My couple had both their wedding ceremony and reception at Glaskogens Camping located in Glava. This is the brides home village, one where everyone happened to know each other which was a great personal touch. Both the bride and groom prepared for their wedding in Glava which was special. It was my first time being a wedding photographer Sweden.   Everything that I experienced there was as I imagine about Sweden.

Destination Swedish Wedding

Glaskogens Camping is a gorgeous choice of location for those who want their special day graced by the beauty of nature. It is located on a nature reserve right next to a small lake which I loved. Small and intimate ceremony suited my couple perfectly. They both looked stunning and their day came together beautifully. The day very much emphasized the importance of family and I loved to see everybody so close to one another.  I loved how they made the most of their surroundings. They played outdoor games to keep the family entertained which was super fun to watch.

I managed to get some shots of Janna and Marek on the lake in a small boat. This gave the photos a romantic feel and they looked gorgeous together. Later that night the dancefloor went on FIRE as soon as families start to party. Best part starts after I leave my cameras. I felt like part of the family and join all the guests on the floor I hope to do another destination wedding in Sweden because it was truly gorgeous.

If you are planning a destination Swedish wedding please do not hesitate to get in contact. I still have some 2019 dates free and hope to capture many more of your miracle moments.

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