Studio Spaces London Wedding Photographer

Being a wedding photographer in London is truly an amazing job. Each wedding I photograph is completely unique. Small personal touches make your special day memorable for everyone involved. I now take pleasure in sharing a gorgeous wedding I photographed in London with you. My couple Jessica and Max were wonderful to work with, and as you will see their wedding pulled together beautifully.

First of all, I loved this wedding because of the closeness of the family. The lovely bride prepared for her special day at her parents flat, and I was able to capture some truly special moments. In the meantime. My assistant Ania stayed with the groom and his close friends so that no special photo opportunities were missed. The ceremony was held at St Paul’s and hosted by St Marks Church where the bride happens to work.

The atmosphere of the ceremony was very relaxed, the weather was pleasant and I got some very candid photos as a result. Personal touches such as the family singing hymns and doing readings together. It really made it special to watch and therefore a pleasure to photograph. After the ceremony, the guests were chauffeured to the wedding venue in a vintage bus which was a fantastic twist! I was given the pleasure of traveling with the bride an groom in a vintage car with an open roof, I must say it was certainly a classy affair.

Another personal touch I would love to mention is the fact that we stopped off at Raines foundation school. This is where the bride and groom first met. I found this heartwarming, I truly love going the extra mile for my clients to give the best possible photos for them to look back on.

London Wedding Photographer

In contrast to the previous vintage themes. The actual wedding venue was very modern, it was hosted at ‘Studio Spaces‘ in London. I enjoyed being a Studio Spaces London wedding photographer for the day, the venue was a great choice. The décor was awesome. They had beautiful flowers all around, and light strings coming down from the ceiling which was truly enchanting. They also had a massive sweets table. With chocolate fondue which I am certain everyone enjoyed including me. The Dj also surprisingly provided some amazing lighting. Which made the bride and groom shine as they should on their special day. All of these wonderful touches which were carefully thought about came together wonderfully, everyone left with hearts just as full as the dance floor.

If you have a perfectly planned wedding and are considering a wedding at studio spaces in London. I would love to be your studio spaces London wedding photographer. Please do not hesitate to get in contact there are dates still available for 2019, I would be honored to capture your miracle moments.