Wow. It’s been a while since I last wrote here. But who would expect this season to be so busy for London wedding photographer? October, however, is for the photographer a moment to rest and make up for writing blogs. So I invite you to one of the wildest weddings of the year.

London wedding photographer

Everything started very quietly at the White Hart Hotel in Coggeshall where Katie along with the bridesmaids and her mum were preparing for a wedding. With the sound of open champagne and chilled music, it was impossible to see any stress from Katie. How could you? If you getting married with a love of your life surrounded by your closest family and friends. Rob, the bride’s father was probably the funniest guy that day I met. Katie in her wedding dress looks killing, just look at the photos. Kiron you are one lucky man!

After a small taxi issue that Katie took to Grange Barn in Coggeshall, everything was back to normal and the bride waited with her friends for a big entrance. Kiron despite great self-confidence, when he saw his future wife krill, not emotion, a single tear ran down his cheek like a culmination of this beautiful day. Huge, rustic barn filled with wonderful people, fantastic DIY decorations and Rachel with their beautiful singing created an amazing atmosphere that will remain in the memory of everyone for a long time.

The hardest part of the day was after them. Time to relax, have fun and … shooting from the bow? I do not have to say that this is not the easiest sport. But when Katie entered the game, without much trouble hit the bullseye the first time. Ultimately, no one did it that day. As it was the middle of summer you could not miss the delicious ice cream, which as soon as they appeared, rain appears. Which does not completely frightened guests before to get their portions.

Coggeshall Grange Barn

Sun was slowly hiding behind the horizon, it was time for me to take a portrait session for my beautiful couple who is supposedly non-photogenic. But seeing the first photo on my camera, I said: “yeah right”. Katie and Kiron were as enchanted, posing as professional models, but you can judge yourself.

The d floor was prepared for what I did not expect, namely Silent Disco … For a reason, I was the only person, not have the headphones to observe what is going on there. A lot of people listened to one channel where Britney Spears resounded and another with AC / DC. Complete madness when the bride sings UPS I DID IT AGAIN and her colleague SHOOT TO THRILL. But it turned out that the barn was too small for such a wild party, so they all went outside where they were raving to the very end. Going out of the event, I saw Kiron dancing on one of the tables with his friends … WOW.

It was a marvellous day filled up with lots of emotions and love, thank you very much, Katie and Kiron, for choosing me to be your London wedding photographer I am still taking bookings for 2018  so if you are looking for a London wedding photographercontact me to talk about details.