47 coolest autumn engagement photos you must see !

Autumn engagement photos

I was waiting for a perfect moment to share with you these super autumn engagement photos of Amy and Martin. You might recognize it because I was their Milton Keynes wedding photographer, and after that day I decide to actually move from London to that amazing piece of Buckinghamshire. Today’s sunny but windy weather reminds me of how fantastic a time I had with them that day and that I never actually share with you that story. However, today let me tell you how this starts, all from the beginning.

I was really happy when Amy and Martin decide to have autumn engagement photos. Most couples always try to do their photos during the summertime. Yes, it is a fabulous moment of the year, when the sun is seen much more often than in another season of the year, however, autumn can offer some really great aspects as well. First of all, colours! Sun is much softer and got in terms of colours much warmer. That makes all the photos really pop up and get this extra zing to it. Let’s not forget about the trees and their leaves, the beautiful spectrum of yellow, orange and red is one of a kind and can be only seen this part of the year. The great thing is also that there are much fewer tourists than in summer, that means less crowded streets and transport around the city is more comfortable. Personally, I think our skin looks much better in the autumn sun than in summer. Harsh light and high temperature or warm and soft sunrays choice are yours. Last but not least for me is that we do not have to wait until 9:30 pm for sunset to capture amazing golden hour photos.  between September and October, sunset is around 7:30 pm and 6:30 pm, which means after a couple of hours of walking, posing, kissing and smiling, you still got time for a glass of wine and an episode of your favourite series on Netflix.

Autumn engagement photos ideas

That is the fun part. As I mentioned before, because there are much fewer people on the street, the city can be explored much more.  We started our autumn engagement photos in Covent Garden Market, which normally is super busy. I am not surprised, this is a fantastic place, with great shops around and a massive square surrounded by old buildings. No matter how many times I am there, there are always spots in which I am finding new and creative. From there is just a couple of minutes walking by the old-school streets of London which can be used for some movement shots. I do like shooting when my couples are moving, it gives endless possibilities of what that can do. And because it is not crazy hot there is much more energy going around the couple than normally.

I do not like to make big plans when it comes to days like that. I rather choose 2-3 locations and simply have a fantastic time with people in love. This way we can use all the simple things that a city can offer. Like the coffee shop with this wooden bench with pride colours and heart behind it, simple but so creative. I think that is the best autumn engagement photos ideas. Go with the flow, smile, and enjoy and the photos will be superb.

If autumn is not your time of the year you might consider a different time of the year. Check my Spring engagement photos blog post where you can find out why that might be your perfect time of the year for a photo shoot.

Autumn engagement photos outfits

Clothing is another fun part of autumn engagement photos. You can really go crazy, a colour striped jumper for her and a toned green long sleeve for him, great idea! Denim-Denim? That sounds epic. Long smart coats, you read in my mind! And think only about all the accessories you can use, a fedora or a bit larger hat, beanie or all sorts of scarves. Let’s don’t even start with shoes because I could go on and on about them. Autumn gives much more possibilities to express yourself when it comes to clothing. Summer is great don’t get me wrong but imagine a couple of hours of walking, holding hands, kissing etc in hot weather. You have to decide to wear something really comfortable for that kind of day. So don’t be afraid to do autumn engagement photos, believe me, it will be epic, I guarantee you that!

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