Living in a big city is amazing, I love it but if I would recommend something for future couples is to have their wedding outside, open area where all of your guests and family would have no hesitation of raving at your wedding day. As a wedding photographer London I know that there is not too many places like that in City but that doesn’t mean they do not exist, they are still waiting for me and my couples.

Wedding photographer Hertfordshire

There is only one thing that I am unsure about weddings in UK , it is a weather… I know how many of couples just wish to have a bit of sun, and I hope that in 2017 all of the wedding couples will get what they wish for! But let’s get back to Candice and James, super smiled couple who got their wedding in Hertfordshire at South Farm. As much a weather didn’t show off that day , that all the guests rock the day, they show how to celebrate the wedding in South Farm, and I absolutely loved it. I have to thanks for amazing guy Voyteck , who let me to help him that day, hopefully 2017 will be same good for us!

2017 just hits, so if you planning your wedding and looking for an affordable wedding photographer Londoncontact me for more details. Best dates go really fast so do not wait till last moment because it might be too late. For my early booking and weekday weddings there is a special offer so make sure to ask for that.