Inspiring and kickass South farm wedding

South Farm wedding

I love to discover new places and shoot weddings somewhere where I have not been before, however, when I got a South Farm wedding to shoot in I am always delighted to be back there. This place is just full of fantastic spots to capture beautiful photos. Rebecca and Tom knew about it and prepare themselves for it. From fantastic decorations through picking up the tastiest food from the South Farm menu and finishing on using smoke bombs for their wedding photos! I was truly stunned by how two people can plan such an amazing day.

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Rebecca and Tom planned their wedding for a while now, but for the obvious reason, it had to be postponed. This, however, does not ruin their plans for a remarkable wedding day. It felt like this extra time give them even more chances to show how a fabulous day can be prepared by two people if they work together.

The bride and her girls decide to get ready at the venue which offers fantastic space for it. And I would lie if I said that I do not love that cottage. Spacious with beautiful natural light that I could use to take photos of bridal bouquets prepared by Shida Preserved Flowers. One of the most exquisite flowers I saw at the wedding. Rebecca was so organized that we could use some extra time for bridal photos, and even her bridal party join in.

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Tom was also getting ready with their boys at South Farm Royston. There is no lie that bride is always the most important person when it comes to weddings, however, if the groom is around, why I should not use this extra time to get him familiar with a camera?

Speaking about stress in front of the camera. I wrote an extensive post with Top 6 tips why to have an engagement photoshoot . It explains there how having it can reduce your stress on your big day. Worth checking it out! But back to handsome Tom. Just as his future wife, spot on with time, ready to welcome all the guests with a smile and a bit of stress which I could feel.

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As you already saw, the weather was simply perfect. What you don’t know is that the wedding happened at the end of September. I think non of us believe in this until the day is finished. Thankfully for that, the ceremony could take place in Summer House. One of the favourite locations to tie the knot is South farm. Not only does it looks beautiful but give couples and their guest wide space to sit and enjoy the ceremony.

As I mentioned before, if you are having a South Farm wedding, you can be sure that this place is full of great spots to capture wedding portraits. I am a big fan of the front of the house where I can do not only the most legendary confetti photos but also family photos and wedding portraits. Tom in his dapper tweed suit and Rebecca in a wonderful wedding dress from What Alice Wore in my camera look like a piece of art.

Many people think that wedding photographers hate group shots. Not, when your couple and their guests are full of energy like at this wedding. I simply love them, especially when bridesmaids and groomsmen join in. My style of photography focus on people’s energy, that’s why I do not stage anything. Letting a group of the closest friends do what they want in front of the camera with the bride and groom on the first plan always finishes with stunning photos. Imagine this mixture but also giving them colourful smoke bombs! My mind just exploded and my heart start beating faster from how the photos came out.

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Time flies and after emotional and fun speeches time has come to hit the dance floor. The wedding couple decides to hire a band that simply rocks the night with fantastic covers of the best hits. As a photographer, I can tell you that the dancefloor is full when I simply got a problem squeezing guests to take photos. However, with my ninja skills, I was able to capture the essence of the night party. A truly inspiring couple and a smashing wedding! The only shame is that I am posting it so late…

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