Oaks Farm Wedding – No.1 Barn venue in London

Oaks Farm Wedding

Have you been looking for a perfect barn venue for your wedding but you live in London? Don’t be alarmed, located in Croydon there is one superb place which you should have a look. Oaks Farm is a magnificent place where I shoot multiple times and I am always stunned by how fantastic barn venue in London it is. Let me introduce you to Oaks Farm wedding, where time slows down and people are truly enjoying themselves.

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It all starts with one brave couple who like many others had to adjust their wedding plans on the fly. Sophie and Tom had to change a lot from their original plan but in my opinion, they did a fantastic job planning this Oaks Farm wedding. They are another couple who decide to get ready together, and I found this idea superb. It not only gives a chance to enjoy the wedding day to the fullest but also let support each other. However I don’t think any of them need it, they prepare for this moment for a while and the only thing to do that day was to enjoy themselves. Sophie was surrounded by all her friends and family which was super chilled. All the flower decorations were made by her sister Chloe, her husband Dave and the bride herself. Like they say “If you want something done right do it yourself”.

A very important person there was also Thomas mother, who flew from Poland, facing coronavirus pandemic so she could be with her son on that important day. That shows how deep could be the love of a mother to her baby. I can relate to that so much If I would have to decide to invite only one person to my own wedding that would be my mom. There was one super-shy guest or should I say a member of the family. Harvey the cat. I love animals so was hoping to see him so much more, however, when we took a portrait of him I could see in his eyes is not what he was looking forward from that weekend. Despite that, he looks magnificent and beautiful. Thank you, Harvey! Preparation was pure fun, I could hear only people laughing, chatting and enjoying themselves, no stress at all. Thanks to Kate, Rose and Gold Bride, Sophie looks stunning, with all the blings and superb dress she was ready for her Oaks farm wedding.

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The clock starts ticking and it was finally time to move on to this beautiful barn venue in London. Tom decides that he will go a bit earlier so he could check that all the decorations and details are in the right place. On top of that, he could greet all the upcoming guests. He even finds a spare moment (which he clearly deserve) to have a cold one with his best man. The ceremony took place outside, which for me was perfect. Oaks Farm got stunning surrounding. Despite that it is placed in South London, it feels like it is somewhere outside of the big city. Tall trees, hedges, colourful flowers, pond, I could go on and on. Hopefully, it was not my last Oaks Farm wedding.  As usual, the ceremony went faster then the bride and groom imagine. How many times I heard that “it went much faster then I thought it will”.

I love to use the time between the ceremony and sat down to take my couple and capture how exquisite they look together in their wedding outfits. I am truly in love with all the colours in this particular time of the year. You know that from my previous blog where I shoot wonderfully autumn engagement photos. It is a must-see post for all my future couples and everyone who think when they should have their photos taken. However, let’s get back to my lovely Sophie and Tom which together looks like a piece of art. Two of them are just something extra. Smiles and emotions which they share just show how these two love each other. I think this is the whole secret to incredible wedding photos.

The sky gets darker, the temperature outside starts dropping down, that means it is a time to sit down and enjoy what everyone waits. Speeches!!! I could not imagine that around twenty-five people can be so loud, in this barn venue in London, simply by clapping and laughing. That only show how good they were, and believe me or not, they were! Father of the bride just smashes it, literally jaw drop. Bravo! Pandemic regulations forbid to do dancing, however, whats happened when I turn off my cameras and went home… Who knows 😉 ?

Despite the fact that time now is challenging to plan your big day, do not wait until last moment. The vast majority of 2020 weddings are moved to 2021 and 2022 and the dates are going very quickly. So if you are looking photographer for your Oaks farm wedding, simply contact me and lets chat about all incredible things about your big day in this impressive barn venue in London.

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  1. Beautiful collection of photos.
    Tasteful contrast of colors between the subject’s outfit and the background.
    The photographer clearly made extra effort to capture this photo from the perfect angle.
    Work of a pro


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