Wedding at Islington Town Hall

Islington is a very desirable wedding location in London, and here I will show you why. Greater London is undeniably beautiful especially when the weather is in your favor. Definitely, a location to consider if you aren’t already!

Islington Town Hall Wedding Photographer

As you guys already know I have a fine eye for capturing miracle moments, and this ceremony at Islington town hall was certainly one of them. My wonderful clients Mag and Nic make a really sweet couple overall. I cannot wait to share the beauty of their special day with you. Evidently, the timing on Mag and Nics part was super because they were blessed with the beautiful British sunshine which can be rare. Although I love diversity, I particularly enjoyed this wedding because the bride has Polish roots just like myself.

I also enjoyed sitting amongst the guests as they were a mixture of German and British nationalities which is always refreshing to see. The Bride and Groom were fantastic and looked very cute together, neither of them could hide their smiles which were awesome. In a way, this wedding was bitter-sweet for me as I have grown to like this couple and they are now moving to Hamburg, so I hope to get an invite soon! Besides that, it was definitely a day to remember and I reflected this in the beautiful photos I captured.

By all means, if you are looking for an Islington Town hall wedding photographer look no further!

Reception at Fredericks London

The actual wedding reception was wonderful, and above all, I enjoyed being a Fredericks wedding photographer for the day. There really was some unique and stunning photo opportunities I could not resist. The whole wedding party walked from the town hall to the reception and this gave me some beautifully candid photos of everyone traveling. These are the types of photos that you can look back on. I strive to provide photos that will help you to relive your wonderful day years later!

I would love to be your Islington Town Hall Wedding Photographer and tell your wedding story. There are still some free dates for 2019 so do not wait until the last moment. Best dates go quick! Contact me and lest simply chat how amazing wedding you will have.