Hello! This time on our pre-wedding photoshoot we visited Greenwich. Famous for the Greenwich Meridian Line, The Royal Observatory, Greenwich University, Cutty Sark and situated on the edge of Canary Warf and City where many businesses and people work and flourish. Actually we began our shoot in Greenwich quite late (around 4pm). So why at this time? Well most of people think that whenever there is lots of light you will get your best wedding photos, but the truth is that when there is very strong light, there is such a big contrast between the shadows and highlights that the effect of it is not satisfying for me. But back to Holy and Maciek. Amazing people- she is from the Philippines and he is from Poland, and they connected together by something that is magical for every couple. My afternoon with them gave me a picture of how people from different parts of the world can be pulled together by fate and in the end place them together in front of God in a church on their blessed Wedding Day. Canary Wharf is place that emits such professionalism to me. It is probably the most iconic business districts in London, where you won’t find traditional British architecture. It is a place where the sizes of the buildings compare to those from New York, and the amount of glass, smooth, straight lines, and reflective surfaces are higher than anywhere else. I like this modern photography style, where you use architecture around you as a background, and these glass buildings provide amazing reflections which create fantastic effects without using photoshop. Because we try to hit the “golden hour” we have to move quickly from each location, especially when Greenwich is such large location to cover in this pre-wedding photography. I had had this wedding photo-shoot concept for a while now, and I was very happy when Holy gave me free rein on this day. Greenwich University campus is such a stunning place, traditional architecture, fantastic interiors- my favourite place is the west wall of the Painted Hall at The Old Royal Naval College. The more time we spent, the more comfortable Holy and Maciek felt in front of the camera, and with every hour we were closer to obtaining beautiful sunset photos. The thing about the golden hour is that the light is very soft and has a naturally warm color; it gives an amazing effect every time – I highly recommend applying this natural but professional effect if you wish to create a romantic photoshoot look. At the end of the day, Holy and Maciek asked if we could quickly also do some pre-wedding photos by The London Eye. It was like a race against the sun! From Greenwich we had to go back to Canary Wharf, and from there to Waterloo station and then we had to run to employ some sunlight before it would disappear, and luckily for this couple we could exploit the last five minutes of the sunset. If you like this wedding photo story and are looking forward to the wedding of Holy and Maciek which will take place in Aldershot and Woking, stay in touch by following my Facebook page and be sure to see their special day as soon as possible.