Engagement photos in Richmond Park

It is so difficult to blog during the wedding season. I would love to share with you all amazing couples and their stories. So all things on a side today and let’s have a look at engagement photos in Richmond Park with fabulous Debbie and Ben.

Engagement photos in Richmond Park

I have to start with that I’m an absolute fan of dogs. Therefore, do not be too bad for me to see King Moe here. Absolutely wonderful black labrador in which I fell in love at first sight. So, you can expect a lot of pictures with this sweetie.

We started our engagement photos in Richmond Park which I have surprisingly visited for the first time in seven years. The plan was simple, nice afternoon walk to sunset. With each minute the sun became more and more softer. It took on a golden colour which in my opinion is perfect for such occasions. The weather was perfect which is difficult in London. Even Moe took advantage of the opportunity to bath in the pond. Ben probably had to refresh the upholstery after that.

Richmond Park wedding

Many people will say that in the park there is not much opportunity for creativity when it comes to wedding photos. However, if you look for it properly, you can see how the light and shadow dance at sunset and create beautiful patterns.

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