Richmond Park Wedding – It all happened during COVID-19

Two people who are so much in love with each other decide to go no matter what and have an amazing Richmond Park Wedding. I can bet that none of us was ready for what’s happened since February this year, warnings, restrictions, rules, lockdown… I can’t imagine how this affects all couples. What they had to go through with all rescheduling, finding new dates, contacting a whole bunch of suppliers and finding out if they are free and what that means for the contract. But two people who are so much in love with each other decide to go no matter what and have an amazing Richmond Park Wedding.

Richmond Park Wedding

Originally the plan was to do it in April, but we all know the story… So the new date was set for Hannah and George, the 8th of August 2020! After many emails and phone calls, I was sure that no matter what both of them will get married. Nothing could stop them. In literally four months Hannah and George redid all their plans and tailor a new and awesome plan which you can see on the photos below. One thing stays the same I was their photographer!

The day was beautiful, full of the sun from morning to the last minutes of sunset. Hannah was getting ready with the girls and her parents, and from the moment I step into the place it felt like any of the COVID things never happened. Music and giggling were heard from the ground floor. I know these sounds, these are the sound of great fun. I miss it so much. Bride squad was just one of a kind, they keep all the atmosphere uplifting and make sure that Hannah will go to her wedding as happy as possible.

Pembroke Lodge wedding photographer

When I arrive at the wedding venue the boys were already there, looking all smart and sharp, and George looks dapper. He had everything under control, all things go as planned and he could chill out with his friends. Greeting all their friends and family with the biggest smile on his face I know that he could not wait any longer to see his future wife. Hannah and George decide to have a first look at the venue, which was super cute. I recommend for all the couples if not having this then at least to keep secret what kind of wedding dress the bride will have. It will bring tears to every man!

The heat was just pouring down from the sun so much that I regret not taking sunblock cream. The only time I remember such weather was when I shoot a destination wedding in Italy. Even the view from there is very similar to Tuscanian hills. That kind of view you will only if you will have a Richmond Park Wedding or literally go to Tuscany. If you don’t believe me check out my previous wedding at Pembroke lodge.

Wedding at Pembroke Lodge

Pembroke Lodge got two amazing rooms to hire, and Hannah and George got their hands on the stunning Belvedere. With the massive outside area where they had their ceremony, a fabulous view which I already mentioned before and the fully open venue it was a perfect combination for a definitive win and remarkable memories.

The unfortunate part was that there were some rules which the bride and groom could not do. One of them was dancing… I enjoy that time of the wedding day but what can we do? MORE PHOTOS! I couldn’t just finish the day like that and go home. Sun was still at Richmond Park and could not resist taking a freshly married couple for fabulous wedding photos in Richmond Park. And I have to say, it was a magical hour. All emotions seem to calm down, Hannah and George could just focus on each other and I was able to capture all of those moments. Truly the stunning end of the day.

Although the time now is difficult to plan your wedding and you are looking for a Pembroke Lodge wedding photographer do not wait until the last moment. Many of 2020 weddings are moved to 2021 and the dates are going quickly. So if you are planning to have a Richmond Park wedding and looking for a natural and creative photographer, simply contact me and let me show you how epic your wedding photos will be.

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