As wedding photographer Central London I do have many couples from abroad visiting me. Moran and Vered came from Israel to London, where this fantastic session takes place. So sit down, grab yourself a hot coffee and enjoy.

Wedding Photographer Central London

Our day started in one of Hackney’s climatic stores. Blossomed to the brim of all sorts of plants fit perfectly into our idea. From the very beginning, the couple showed what they feel to each other. If you ever plan to do it, be aware that, that place is super tight.

Our next stop was Covent Garden, where in the crowds of the people, in love, Moran and Vered did not care about anything. They were focused only on each other. Going to our destination we had the opportunity to do some very urban photos. Even then the couple did not look away from each other and showed much affection. Simple walk trough streets of London with them finished with really exciting shots.

Wedding photography Hyde Park

Finally, we went to London’s most famous park, Hyde Park. The sun of that day really did not want to cooperate. However, for a short while, it showed up from behind the clouds and lent us its golden colour. The golden hour of the day was rather like a golden ten minutes. However, even that was enough for Moran and Vered, whose posing skills were beyond my imagination.

Thank you very much, Moran & Vered for choosing me for your wedding photographer Central London. I am still taking bookings for 2017 and already booking for 2018 so if you are looking for a wedding photographer London contact me to talk about details.