Wedding photographer Manchester – We found fighting tigers…

Wedding photographer Manchester

Let’s get straight to the point… Why these fantastic photos were not shown before here… How it could happen that one of the most anticipated days last year did not land on my blog? It is pretty shameful but I forgot to click the “Publish” button. Yes! Can you imagine this blog was written a long time ago and It was hanging in my draft? However, photos are eternal so today you can enjoy with me one of the most superb days I had in 2019 as a wedding photographer Manchester.

Wedding Photography Manchester

You can recognize Hannah and Jak already, I took their wedding photography at Wyresdale Park, where crazy things happened. So if you have not seen it I highly recommend for you to check that Wedding at Wyresdale Park. Today on the other hand I am delighted to share with you their engagement photoshoot which had a place in Manchester. Many of my friends are asking me why do I go to such far places just for a couple of hours to take photos… Well, the reasons are simple. When you meet people like Hannah and Jak, the distance is just a number. On my way there I was super excited and I could not stop searching for places where we should shoot. However, these two had already perfect ideas for where we should go, and my oh my…They impressed me!

Wedding photos Manchester

Straight from the beginning, Manchester showed me how amazing a place it is. Local artists painted one of the fences really close to the train station (I hope it is still there), and I am a big fan of that kind of stuff. Normally I do give my couples a time to get used to the camera and show their emotions. Let’s not sugarcoat here, it is always new when some bearded, tattooed guy with cameras would ask you and your partner to show some emotions. Hannah and Jak proof me how wrong I am. From the first photos, we take they were super chilled and smiling all the time to each other. I still don’t believe them that they didn’t practice it at home.

Where to shoot engagement photos in Manchester

I love urban exploration. Walking around, discover new places and taking photos with superb people. To capture perfect wedding photography in Manchester I looked everywhere, but this city got so much to offer that even regular street aisle is like straight from the movie. Redbrick buildings, fire stairs outside, I really thought I am in New York. I mentioned before about artists in this place. Just stay for a moment and look how epic is this fighting tigers mural. Last week I share with you some really cool autumn engagement photos, but this time you can enjoy those superb summer vibes. Despite the fact that we were shooting in the third biggest city in the United Kingdom, Manchester offers lots of space. Sunrays were breaking trough the gaps of massive buildings, pointing where I should position my couples to capture beautiful photos. I am so happy being a wedding photographer Manchester. This city is made for wedding photos, there are literally spots everywhere you go. Not only superb graffiti, city vibes but also parks and riverside. Think about something… I bet Manchester got it.

Although the time now is difficult to plan your wedding and you are looking for a wedding photographer Manchester do not wait until last moment. Many of 2020 weddings are moved to 2021 and 2022 and the dates are going quick. So if you are looking for an outstanding wedding photographer Manchester simply contact me and lets me show you how epic your wedding photos will be.


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  1. Sometimes it’s like a gift.. you hide money in pocket of jacket.. and after few years in closet you find it 🙂 Miracle.. Those miracle moments are so satisfying to watch. Great work!


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