Unthinkable wedding at Morden Hall which will inspire you

Wedding at Morden Hall

Let’s go today for a trip. A trip which finishes with a wedding at Morden hall, but it all begins with a beautiful girl named Rivkah and her charming partner Sebastion, which decide to spend their life together, forever. And how thrilled and excited I was after our first meeting, straight away we got on the same page with all the vision, ideology and most important sense of humour. I couldn’t hold myself when they finally decide to entrust me to be their wedding photographer.

As I mentioned I love to travel, discover new places but I also love to sleep, haha. So when I hear that Rivka is getting ready at her house, literally 10 min by walk from me makes me feel so good. But jokes on the side and let’s get back to our bride. She decides to invite a whole lot of people to prepare with her, alongside with her mum and friends there were kids, babies, make up artist, videographer and me. Chaos! Pure amazingness! I simply love the human and real side of that kind of preparation, because not everyone needs it. But the emotions are always there, smile, happiness, laughter, bit stress…

After a great time at home, it comes the hardest part. The ceremony, where all the stress escalates to maximum, where all eyes are turned on bride and groom and when the sacramental “I do” have to be said. But with super-chilled Pastor Patric and Pastor McKenzie, it all feels like a bunch of good friends meet and talk about love and relationship. Even I lose a bit and have a couple of giggles during that time. Additionally superb singing performance from one of their friends, I had goosebumps, that’s how fantastic it was. The ceremony includes one more thing which I never have seen before in my life but it gives me such a second thought about “unity” and marriage. It’s called “sand ceremony” and it shows the union which is symbolized through the pouring of these two individual containers of White Sand representing Rivkah, and all that she was, all that she is, and all that she will ever be- and the Gold Sand representing Sebastian, and all that he was and all that he is, and all that he will ever be, and pink for the children.

Wedding photography at Morden Hall

Rivkah and Seb decide to have their reception wedding at Morden Hall. Classic British piece of architecture with massive, surrounded by high trees so all the guest can feel like they are cut out from the reality. Both of them decide to go with a very clean and sophisticated style of the decorations, like white candles in glass covers, white rose petals solid blue and gold name cards for each guest. Very sophisticated. And from the moment when they arrived the venue starts filling with this weird feeling which always company me on every wedding. The vibe of enjoyment, happiness, fun and love, it is hard to describe it but I am sure my photos are showing it. It was an amazing wedding at Morden Hall and I can’t imagine being somewhere else that day. Thank you, Rivkah, thank you Seb.

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