Wedding at Bluebird – Ice cream shoes? Wow!

Wedding at Bluebird

The truth is that 2020 shook the whole world like a Mike Tyson hook in the face. However, it is all about getting back on track and keep our lives as normal as possible. Trina and Andrew who you already know had their wedding photos in Greenwich literally twenty days before their big day and organize an amazing wedding at Bluebird. Make sure you check that blog because it is a great introduction to what’s happened next…

Chelsea Old Town Hall wedding photographer

On my way, I already was super pumped! I knew how Trina and Andrew were excited that this is actually happening. We talked so much at their engagement photos in Greenwich about all the plans which they had and what they had to go through all those times, and I couldn’t be more impressed. Last year I had my own wedding, and with all the experience I got and no regulations in the air, I remember that it was a real struggle. And somehow these two were able to gather people, find a venue and pull it off like nothing was going on! Bravo!

Preparation takes place in one of the most amazing hotels in London, 11 Cadogan Gardens. You might ask why do I mention it so much. Well, the hotel got one special room which is called a “mirror room”. all walls including the ceiling are covered in mirrors, the perfect place for wedding photos. I knew we have to take photos there, it is must be if you are getting ready in this hotel. The bride and groom decide to get ready together and in my opinion, it was something super cool. Both of them support each other, make sure that each of them looks fantastic and obviously keep the champagne glass filled show me a different and fantastic way to prepare for the wedding.

Trina is a fashion girl, there is no doubt about it. After the engagement photoshoot, we did and the shoes she brought on I thought there is no chance to shock me twice… Oh, how wrong I was. On top of the fantastic short wedding dress and exquisite flowers from Johanna Pedrick Flowers, she decides to amaze everyone with her Ice Cream shoes! And OH MY GOD, she did! Let’s don’t forget about Andrew, he decides to go in a very classy blue suit with a pink tie and handkerchief matching bride bouquet.

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The time has come and we depart to Chelsea Old Town hall so finally, my main characters of this blog can become husband and wife, finally! And after a short while, it was done. I have to admit that fewer people do not make any difference. I experience that ceremony with a massive smile and superb emotions, in the end, the main people were where should be. That is a lesson that 2020 gave me, weddings were, are, and will be one of the most amazing moments in our lives and I know I want to take photos of them no matter what.

It was the end of August and I remember that the whole week was cloudy which is not my favorite setup… However, on the day sun decide to show off, so we could spend some extra time in Chelsea before their wedding at Bluebird starts.  One of my favorite spots around that area is Alberts Bridge. Not only is representing London with the greatest class but the embankment around it is a superb place to capture beautiful wedding portraits. My happy couple had one more ace in their sleeves! They managed to found those unique LOVE pink doors which they really want to use as a background. My answer is always YES for that kind of initiative! My secret to great photos like that is simple. Go with the flow. I normally do not have a list of photos or exact places where we will go. Apart from having the main area, I do like to explore the place. London is this massive jungle where things are changing constantly and that is a blessing. That day while we were walking down the street, and aiming for the wedding at Bluebird, on one of the construction site’s walls someone decides to express themselves with a painting of a massive butterfly. Placing my couple in the middle makes them look like one of them! I love that kind of surprise.

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I love when the bride and groom are arriving first and meet and greet all their guests at the entrance. It let you and them have a quick chat and wish you all the best in one go, which means after that there is only time for prosecco and great fun! Whoop whoop! Bluebird is one of those restaurants which you must visit at least once if you live in London. The great thing about it is that they have their own VIP room where you can have your wedding separated from the restaurant guest and enjoy with your friends and family real quality time. Hope to visit this place more.

Wedding at Chelsea Old Town Hall

Although the time now is difficult to plan your wedding at Bluebird, do not wait until last moment. Many of 2020 weddings are moved to 2021 and 2022 and the dates are going quick. So if you are looking for an outstanding wedding photographer simply contact me and lets me show you how epic your wedding photos will be.

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