The most amazing thing about being London wedding photographer is that I visit places which normally I would probably not found. One fo the last autumn weekends of 2016 I was at fantastic pub wedding in central London where I assisted for my friend Voyteck. I, therefore invite you on a journey through the urban jungle where love was born.

London wedding photographer

Adventure of that day start with family breakfast which took place at the South Place Hotel. It is quite unusually that instead of photographing groom getting ready I take part in a very energetic and enthusiastic meal in a group of closest friends and family. After relieving stress drink, team groom moved towards the place where the ceremony had a place and subsequent party. I love doing wedding photography in London, that days always surprise me. For example, going into a side street, you can find one door that leads to the most spectacular places of this city, pure magic.

As for this time of the year, the weather did not major problems, however, it emphasized the British mood of the event. Emotions, however, did not fall and despite the gathering clouds herald the rainy evening, with every minute excitement of that beautiful day grew. Fantastically decorated lounge and details that were inside the ballroom gave the place an additional refined taste.

The most powerful point of the day, was thanks from bride and groom to a grandmother. Without which, none of them would be there that day. Everyone thanked with thunderous applause and preternaturally loud cheers, the energy was so powerful that even I join in with loud “BRAVO”.

In the light colored spotlights on the dance floor began to resound live music that brings all the guests to enjoy the night. Shouts of joy, laughter, applauses and the clatter of the heels every minute became more and more loudly. Work turned into a fun, which together with my friend we had a chance to immortalize. I hope you enjoy this amazing pub wedding in London.

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