Grove House Roehampton wedding photographer

I feel like I have neglected my blog lately. However, I would feel bad if I did not share with you one of the most emotional weddings on which I had the opportunity to be. It was also my last wedding last year. 

Jerkole and Hugo are a couple charged with love energy in every inch of their relationship. Already during the first meeting, it was obvious that the wedding for them is not only a celebration with friends. Wedding for them is something more, bringing their relationship and devotion to a completely different level.

Wedding at Grove House Roehampton

October morning, Hotel Novotel in Brentford, lots of girls, kids, makeup, hairdresser equipment and Jerkole preparing for her big moment. But how I could forget about Michelle, mother of the bride. God bless her, she is just one of the kindest people I meet during my whole photography career. Time snaps and the bride was already on her way in vintage 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood, what a machine.

When I saw Hugo at the Barnes Methodist Church, I could sense the stress. However, this is good stress which immediately after the ceremony turns into a powerful energy that emanates the rest of the day. Stunning ceremony with such accents as singing together or reading. Sacramental “I do” was said, it’s time to have fun now.

It was my first wedding in Grove House Roehampton as a wedding photographer, but since I crossed the threshold I knew I would love to return there again. While the guests have enjoyed champagne in anticipation of the entrance of a bride and groom. I managed to persuade the Jerkole and Hugo for a quick photo session. And this is the moment when I expect simple smiles from my couple and they pose like the professionals and the pictures do not require editing.

The strongest point of the day, however, were the speeches. Without a script and spoken straight from the heart. There was no room for acting, every tear, a smile and a break in the voice was real. Beautiful.

However, it was time to put all this seriousness aside, time to remove high heels, loosen the ties and move to the dance hall. The DJ slammed the dance floor with his mixtape, which, combined with people ready to have fun, resulted in an explosive party. I would like to live that day again.

Grove House Roehampton wedding

I can highly recommend planning your wedding at Grove House Roehampton, definitely. It has a fantastic classic vibe, great outdoor area and venue is working with a group of professional wedding suppliers. I am one of them mentioned on their website as Grove House Roehampton wedding photographer. From preparation, through the ceremony, wedding breakfast and finishing with raving on the dance floor, You and your guests will feel there comfortable and please in every aspect. Also if you planning your wedding at Grove House Roehampton you can decide to go full outside with your big day. Massive garden, multiple benches for guests and a great view is a win when it comes to this wedding venue.

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