Unbelievable Gaynes Park Wedding Photographer love story

Gaynes Park Wedding Photographer

I believe that weddings have got so much more exciting over the years. Personally, I love the variety and I am honoured to be a Gaynes Park wedding photographer for the first time. It’s always a pleasure to photograph couples who are truly in love. It was amazing that I could work shoulder to shoulder with my good friend and great photographer Marek. Matt and Henry also hired Robert and Ola, videographers who I have worked with previously which was nice. I was able to get some incredibly candid and special photos of the wedding preparation at Matts house. In the meantime, Marek was with Henry. This showed good organisation as they will both have great memories to look back on. Matt invited me to breakfast with his family which he specially prepared. This was a lovely personal touch and got me fuelled for the day ahead.

Gaynes Park Wedding Photos

Gaynes Park located in Essex is a stunning park with amazing features. It is a perfect location to give your special day the wow factor. My couple Matt and Henry hosted their ceremony and reception here and you will see why. It was a privilege to be a Gaynes Park wedding photographer for the day as it gave me unique photo opportunities. I would like to add that Matt and Henry looked so classy and happy together on their special day. As I mentioned this was my first Gaynes Park wedding, it was amazing. I hope to get the opportunity to shoot many more in the future. The wedding photos in Gaynes park came out beautifully. The atmosphere was so lively and high in spirit, the guests wasted no time rocking out on the dance floor. And I can’t just forget to mention about fresh pizza served over the night. To conclude the wedding was gorgeous and very well put together. I’m sure my couple will take joy in looking back at all of the wonderful photos taken.

If you are looking for the perfect Gaynes Park wedding photographer please get in contact. I have still had free dates for 2019 and would love to tell more of your stories.

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  1. Lovely work as always – you get better with each blog post. You really captured the vibe of the day with this one – I felt like I was there.


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