A week ago London has been covered with snow that I have not seen for years. I remembered then why I did not like winter so much. With a longing for the summer weather, I was reminded of a fantastic wedding session in Italy on which I was with Tom. Enjoy.

Destination wedding photographer Italy

Being a destination wedding photographer Italy is not one of the easiest jobs, but the most pleasant ones are certainly. When you board the plane in long trousers, and the first thing you want to do after leaving it, is to change into shorts, for me in itself is an amazing feeling. Day off, visiting Rome and for the first time trying the tastiest pizzas I ate. A real Italian pizza is definitely something you have to try.

After this short trip, it’s time to work. Trough curvy mountain roads we arrive at Ravello. A beautiful city with a fabulous view, which I woke up for the next three days. In a very short time, I will post on my website a wedding from this place. Today, however, I serve you a small introduction to this amazing place for a wedding in Ravello.

Wedding in Italy

Narrow streets, historic buildings and the view which I hope to see again. Rebecca and Jon blended in superbly with everything that surrounded us. You do not have to imagine it, just look at the pictures. And when the sun began to set, I was sold. I would like to do more weddings in Italy.

Oh, that was an adventure, but it is only a foretaste of what happened the next day. However, I will tell you about it another time. Now please catch some sunbeams from this beautiful photo session in Italy.

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