Captains wood barn wedding photography

Captains Wood Barn Wedding Photography

Have you ever dreamed of a rustic wedding in the forest? If you love mother nature and are into this type of sultry setting. You will be pleasantly surprised by the beauty it can bring to your big day. Here I will showcase my couple, miracle moments in the forest. Beware if you weren’t already considering a wedding in the forest. This may change your mind!

Personally, I love the great outdoors and I am not afraid to get stuck in, to ensure your special day is captured just the way you like it. I felt honoured to be a Captains wood barn wedding photographer for the day. My amazing couple, Debbie and Ben, are both super fit and definitely looked like they were at home in this type of setting. The weather was fabulous. Forces of nature were definitely on our side. The sun beamed down and gave the setting an amazing glow. This allowed for beautiful photo opportunities that will certainly get your leaves blowing.

The wedding preparation was very chilled and the atmosphere was very relaxed and serene which really made the day special. The actual ceremony was performed in the forest and was absolutely breathtaking. The simplicity of being surrounded by nature was inspiring. The guests wore floral themed outfits. Everybody really made the effort to follow the theme which was touching to see. The bride’s father was hilarious and really used his great sense of humour to bring everyone together on the day and put smiles on peoples faces including mine.

Captains Wood Barn Wedding Photographer

The wedding reception took place in a Captains wood barn and I must say it was an amazing venue choice, my couple made a great decision. The décor by ‘Kuy & Co flowers’ was also floral. The nature-themed, which just added magical touches to the photos as you will see. What I loved about this wedding was the amount of thought put into the planning. They had wonderful touches such as an outside grill which added to the outdoor theme. I honestly took some amazing wedding photos at Captains wood barn, as you will see the bride and groom were undeniably expert posers. They will have beautiful memories to show to their grandchildren in the future. In conclusion, I will say that this family can throw an amazing shindig, they totally rocked the dance floor. Everybody made a great effort and the day was executed beautifully.

Wedding in forest

If you are interested in Captains wood barn wedding photography in a beautiful wedding surrounded by nature I would love to be yours. There are still free dates for 2019 so please do not hesitate to get in contact, I would love to capture your miracle moments.

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