Wedding photography Essex – Greatest Joker fans wedding

Wedding photography Essex

Sometimes my zoom call changes from fun to REALLY FUN. That’s happened when Molly and Nick decide to tell me about their big day and when they mentioned that they are big fans of Joker and Jurrasic Park and they plan to implement it at their wedding. I was praying to be with them on that day. I am sure you will enjoy these extremally fun photos, so don’t scroll too fast.

It all started at Molly’s grandparent’s house, I am a big fan of getting ready at a place which got special meaning for you. Especially when the place is just made to take photos of. I mean just look at that staircase and a window in the dining room… I just couldn’t stop myself from asking Molly to take one more photo there. Let’s don’t forget about Reg, he helps me with a wedding dress photos a lot (yes I am talking about the deer). The biggest star who stole my heart straight from the beginning was TK, a true character with an amazing smile. I am not surprised when I was asked to take as many photos of him as possible. Preparation went super smooth that we even have time to go out in the garden and capture beautiful bridal portraits before we head out to the venue. It was superb that I could capture such amazing wedding photography Essex.

Natural wedding photography Essex

Both ceremony and reception took place in one of the most rustical venues I have ever been to. Talking about Captains wood barn. This was not my first time there and even I know what to expect, the place still make me gasp. Deep breath, one, two, three… Yep, it is real.

Nick in his stylish suit was already waiting for his future wife with a surprise. They planned to have a first look in the woods which in my opinion is super cute, but at the same time, he prepared a handmade necklace which for me looks like a high-quality jeweller. Everything was perfect and the ceremony was about to begin. As I mentioned every wedding at Captains wood barn for me is over the top. Every time they do something extra and this year they add a fantastic wooden arch on the entrance to where a ceremony had a place which makes these wedding photography Essex even better. Another great touch to that day was that the ceremony was conducted by friends of the bride and groom. Involving your closest ones in the day like this is truly magnificent and makes your wedding much more personal. I didn’t mention it but Molly and Nick are both professional videographers, this is why all of those things are just one step extra! Thanks to them, that wedding photography Essex is so amazing.

Wedding in woods Essex

Multiple times I am asked “Do you do family group shots”, and just to quickly cut it out, YES!!! To be honest I push couples for these photos because I can guarantee that these photos will be most printed. This time bride and groom again had to shock me. Captains wood barn has tons of amazing places for group photos, but these two thought that it will be pretty cool to have a chesterfield sofa in the woods… And it was! Let me give you a quick tip, for all the couples who are planning their wedding. Go crazy with group shots, not necessarily all of them but maybe a bridal party, buy smoke bombs, turn on funky music and walk to it. Trust me on this one, you won’t regret it.

Without any hesitation I can say that Molly and Nick spoiled their guests, straight after the ceremony for all of them were waiting for outdoor wedding games, I am talking about massive Jenga, tug of war, connect four, tractor rides and basketball hoops, treasure hunt for kids and pond dipping. Definitely, there was something for every person and it is easy to say that no single person was being bored. Just to top it off and make sure that everyone is happy instead of the wedding breakfast, guests were fed with freshly baked pizza by superb Pizza Project.

Captains wood barn wedding photography

From the title of this blog post, you can already know which movie is the favourite of newlyweds so instead of “normal” wedding portraits, they bought smoke bombs, and Joker masks and with an OST in the background, they did the whole stair dance scene from the movie. Oh and if you didn’t notice in the middle of the day they also decide to shock everyone and change their outfits and go with a black dress and suit. With the fantastic area, amazing lighting and couple straight from heaven these wedding photography Essex are one of a kind.

You might think that this is it, nighttime funky dancing and that’s it… Hell no! Massive bonfire, check. UV body paint, check. Crazy outfits, check. A friend who DJ all night long, check! Is this one of the greatest weddings I have ever been to? Definitely. But to be honest I can say that about every wedding I was at. And to all my future bride and grooms. Don’t stress out, every wedding is magnificent. Every couple I shoot with is unique and their day is for me something special. It is just me, I love people and I love weddings, so whatever you plan this is your big day. I will be always excited when I write about weddings, no matter what. Love, laugh and party hard! I am so happy that I could present for you those Wedding photography Essex.

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