5 ways to ruin your wedding day

Wedding day is one of the most important days in your life, it is a day of joy and happiness, your day, ideally planned should goes as you imagine it in your mind, but reality can be bit more harsh and even perfect plan can go wrong. So here is 5 ways which I find out can ruing your wedding day.

Inviting too many guests

Every couple want to celebrate their wedding day in fantastic company, having fun and not problems is what you probably looking for, but everyone of us got those “friends” which we are meeting  occasionally with group of friends but not really getting along with, or far family which we met just once at family reunion, but you feel like you should invite them otherwise people will ask questions. Well it is your wedding , it is your day and NOTHING should harm it, running around all wedding visitors can be  quite exhausting, is not better if you just have group which you feel comfortable no matter what?


Forgetting about details

I do understand that you want to surprise and shock your guest , but do you think that your friends are actually coming to try this amazing Merlot or this buttery roasted breast of chicken with baby vegetables and  butternut squash puree with thyme? If they do then maybe you should read first point one more time. Ambience of the wedding is very important, DYI wedding details can be really easy to made and not cost a lot, and believe me that you and your guests will remember more how your day look like then how food taste like.


Forgetting about fun for kids

Probably many of your friends and family already got kids, and they will take them on your day, and as long as they got things to do then you can feel safe that their parents would not leave before end of the reception. That does not have to be anything sophisticated , simple box different toys, bouncy balls or bouncy castle will do the job.


Hiring an amateur wedding photographer

As a wedding photographer in London I hear a lot of things, that we do take money for just simply pressing shutter button, and there is a lot of students who are happy to do it for free. Yeah… well imagine this that you spend roughly  £30 000 , most of it is going to venue, food and dress, to be honest you will be just one day at the venue, food will be eaten , and dress if is not hired it will stay at your wardrobe , but wedding photos will be with you till your last days. Do you really want to “save” some extra pounds just because it is not so important? If you want to save some extra money and hire professional wedding photographer in London then read this article to the end.


Stressing too much

you hiring catering company, amazing venue , professional photographer, they know what they doing relax and enjoy your day. If you are planning your wedding  in London like most of the couples with around a year advantage then think that you choose perfect venue,  tastiest food and professional wedding photographer in London then you should not worry about anything, it is your fun day, enjoy it, there are people around you, who will look after you and take care of any problem at the day. So just grab a glass of champagne and make this day epic.


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