Do you remember Joyce and Tim? Of course- how you could not remember their fantastic pre-wedding photo-shoot which caused so many positive comments and congratulations for their quality photographs. Now the time has come to show you what their big day looked like. So without further ado: The day began quite late for me as I arrived at the guest house around 11 o’clock where Joyce was preparing herself for her big day. The weather was beautifully sunny, and there was a calm atmosphere, music, and a lot of laughs and time passed so quickly. Joyce was now in her wedding dress and I was running to the church. The preparation, the ceremony, and the church- everything was located in one part of South London: Putney. I had been a couple of times, so I knew this part of London; a very nice place with lots of open areas close to The River Thames. The church is the kind of church that every bride and wedding photographer dreams of: Saint Mary the Virgin, Putney, which is situated just by the river. Thanks to this we could achieve really good group photos without losing time. But the church was gorgeous, big, bright, with a balcony from which you can see the whole ground floor, and a central altar which gives me opportunity to take photos from the front, what in most situations is impossible. The reception was just five minutes from the church so many of the guests could walk there, and I …ran; so that I could be there before everyone to capture some of the particulars of the story, and I must say one thing: it was impressive. Joyce and Time really put a lot of effort into this. The smallest of details like a candy table, the guest book, flowers, balloons, and many more created the atmosphere of real British wedding. I am so happy to be a wedding photographer in Putney/London. Having a bit of time, I took Joyce and Tim for a quick photo-shoot. Everything was located next to the Thames Rowing Club, but a good photographer is able to capture fantastic photographs even in ordinary places like on the street. I am really happy that Joyce and Tim trusted me and allowed me to be their wedding photographer.