There are weddings that can be described as magical. Not only because the atmosphere is one of a kind, but because the theme of a wedding is unusual. Bobbie and Paul decided to decorate in the style of Alice in Wonderland. If this is how a wonderland should look, I would follow a white rabbit without hesitation.

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The most important thing at the wedding preparations is good company. With the closest relatives and friends around you, the stress associated with the wedding can go down to zero. Let’s add music and a few bottles of champagne and time snaps. In the blink of an eye, the bride was already putting on the wedding dresses and I was on my way to the ceremony.

The whole wedding took place at the Surrey national golf club, and as I already mentioned the decorations referred to Alice in Wonderland. Ubiquitous playing cards, rabbits, clocks etc. They created an amazing atmosphere. But the most magical of the day were the emotions accompanying the bride and groom, touching but most importantly real.

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I have to admit that wedding cake made of doughnuts not only sounds tempting, but it looks insanely. Despite being on a diet, I was tempted by the relish myself. Despite the passing time, everyone waited until the music will be played on the dance floor. The dazzling illumination only intensified this feeling. The kids and some of the guests could not resist and hit the dance floor before the first dance. However, it just suggested to the rest of the audience to move from the tables and show their moves.

A wedding at the Surrey national golf club has a special place in my heart because of the fantastic couple. Bobbie and Paul gave their emotions and they did not hide anything, it was a fantastic wedding.

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