If you would ask me which couple generated most excitement, I will say without a moment of thinking that would be Joyce and Tim. Couple which from the very beginning had so much positive energy that I was already sure the engagement shoot will be one of the best photos in my carrer. When we for the first time I felt that these people are extraordinary , people who look for quality and storytelling photographer . Today I can present for you their pre-wedding photoshoot which we done in very charming place in central London, Saint Dunstan Garden. Awesome light, beautiful architecture , amazing couple, what you can expect more? Because we start quite early and realizing that Joyce and Tim got this natural vibe I offered them to go for a walk and talk about their wedding in Putney, it is always good to get know each other with wedding couple, bond which we made definitely helps both of us on the wedding day.  So, walking along the Thames where was that day festival of love, Joyce spotted gigantic wall with graffiti represent this festival and moment just give me too many hints “love festival, “couple in love”  , “marriage” we had to go there and take couple shots. I can say without hesitation that this Wedding photoshoot in London I consider successful, ambience and people like Joyce and Tim, make me feel that work become fun where my task was just to take photos. I cannot wait to be their wedding photographer in Putney.