Engagement Photos in Limehouse

Choosing the perfect location for your engagement photos can be a task. However my couple Connie and Julius tastefully chose an area in east London called Limehouse. The day started off amazing the weather was sunny and I had some great photo ops. The lovely bride-to-be had prepared plans for the day ahead of time which was awesome. We walked all around the Limehouse area which was great fun. Especially because both Connie and Julius are dancers, it was great fun to see it portrayed in their photos. My athletic couple also shares my love of long-distance running, and we put our stamina to the test. The atmosphere of the shoot was amazing my couple really bounced off each other and shared great humor. There was lots of smiles and happiness which are shown in the pictures. I am super happy how this engagement photos in Limehouse went!

Engagement photos at Home

Having your engagement photos at home is never anything to be ashamed of. You don’t have to spend great amounts of money to have a successful photoshoot close to home. It’s a great idea to check out what’s close to you first. One of my favorite parts of this shoot was the snaps at the Limehouse marina. Typical of British weather the heavens started to open, however, we still got the most amazing photos. Also, the area was completely empty which added to the atmosphere. After all of the excitement, we ended the day with tea and a cake Connie had baked herself. Julius even showed us his piano skills, I must say I totally wanted to buy a keyboard after that.

If you are thinking about having a photoshoot close to home or even far away get in touch now, best dates go quickly. To book for 2019/2020 please enquire. I hope to capture your future miracle moments.

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I am a wedding photographer based in London and I love what I do.  I like music , photography and to laugh , basically everything what got every wedding and that is why probably I am good in what I am doing .  If you want you  can find bit more about me just here.

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Every wedding is different but for me it is about emotions, it is all about the emotions. No matter if it is Central London or country side out of the city, photography which I will give you will be packed with laugh , love and sometimes tears of joy.

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If you want to be sure that I am right person to be your wedding photographer ask me whatever is on your mind I am happy to talk about your wedding day. Waiting till last minute is not a good idea so make sure you book yourself professional wedding photographer before someone else.

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