I don’t really believe in fate, I think people decide what they do and where they are going based on their own choices, but what could I say when I received a phone call on a Tuesday morning at 2am asking if I am available on the upcoming Saturday from the sister-in-law of one of my previous clients? Michaela and Robert, my new wedding couple, had really bad luck because their wedding photographer decided to back out of their wedding event merely days before big day. But luckily for them I was free on that weekend and every moment I got to know Michaela, the more fired up I got for this wedding. Everything began at Bromley Court Hotel where Michaela, her mother and bridesmaids were getting ready. I must say I never imagined it was possible to fit so many people in a hotel bedroom. The family members and the makeup artist alone filled the whole room, but as crowded as it was there was an amazing atmosphere of elation and entertainment. The bride, if she was, did not emit an ounce of stress, and it felt as though girls were getting ready for night out of hubbub and excitement. Even if only one room was full, the atmosphere of pure joy seemed to fill the whole hotel. Closer to the time of the ceremony a change in the atmosphere to one of more seriousness and quiet could be felt. All the guests were waiting at Christ Church in Chislehurst where ceremony was to take place, and it was impressive that such a large structure could be so bright inside without the large windows which one normally sees in churches. Emotions began to peak and the smiles, tears of joy, and other pure expressions of happiness reminded me that wedding photography is what I am happiest doing. People with their genuine feelings of well being, hope and love toward other people, unless you have experienced it first hand it will never live up to mere words. Clear and bright weather on your wedding day is what every bride and groom wish for; a prophecy of their bright future and a reflection of their bright expressions on their special day. And when suns begins to set at the reception which was located at Eltham College in Mottingham, South East London, the light become simply sublime. As a professional term this is referred to as “the golden hour”; it is the time where the sun is beginning to dip just before setting and this creates a soft gold light unique to this part of the day. Michaela and Robert revealed these inward smiles towards one another and it is these types of expressions that cannot be attained through commercial modelling, such genuine emotions flowing out of them into the whole photo, and it is at this time of the day where any stress from the day melts away and the couple can relax and truly enjoy each other as husband and wife. Although I do not believe in fate, I may be convinced just a little and I feel as though I should thank the photographer that abandoned this beautiful couple and, without a doubt, I must thank both Michaela and Robert for letting me peer into their lives together. They are one of a kind.

Tip: For anyone getting married in summer, always carry bottle of water with you. Things are hotting up!