Some say that wedding day is just for you, but many couples put more attention in big and fancy decorations , food, music and other details and keep forgetting that wedding is your day, your big day and you should spend it as you want. Evan and Lucy decide to have their wedding small and simple , but that does not mean worst then big Central London wedding . In my opinion all of them got their own character and style. Being wedding photographer in London shows me that everyone is unique , and because of that even doing wedding photography in Croydon Register Office for several times gives me opportunity that wedding day is all about bride and groom, about all of gentle smiles, little whispers into each other ear, cheeky kisses , laugh and tears.
Evan and Lucy decide only to hire me for their wedding ceremony and little wedding photoshoot in Queens Garden park , but even rainy weather could not stop these two from showing their feelings to each other. Apart they are simply amazing people but as a couple they create such a romantic atmosphere around them that working with them was pleasure. Ladies and gentleman’s let me introduce you Evan and Lucy, enjoy.