There are many words that can describe Kinga and Dominic, but I think “extraordinary” is the most fitting. Kinga called me around May, an incredibly open minded girl, and I knew from the beginning that we would work well together and the fruits of our work would be something unusual but brilliant. You can meet them earlier on my website when we shot pre-wedding photographs in London. But finally “the big day” approached. The day that you can describe as one of the most important days in your life. From when I meet these two I knew that for their wedding ceremony, which took place in Camden Town, there would not be an ounce of stress- I was sure that there will be lot of emotions, smiles, and tears, but not stress. And I was right; Kinga and Dominic are like best friends wanting to celebrate their amazing connection, which was about to happen. The wedding in Camden Town was about to begin. In a Polish-English reception you can sense a scene of British culture and a flurry of Polish madness, all of these things mixed into one amazing ambience through which I can present this wedding photography with pride. The room where the reception took place has a wall of floor to ceiling windows, so all the guests have a fantastic view of the canal in Camden Lock for the whole night. Around the colourful lights, and a beautiful view of Camden Town, people dancing you can give yourself to what is the best party and celebration that is this amazing wedding. I am very grateful to Kinga and Dominic that I could be their wedding photographer.