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Wedding Photographer Reading

Festival hotspot Reading is a popular location in the south of England. A charismatic choice from my couple Ligia and Jose. I have known Ligia for a couple of years now. I was honored when she and her groom asked me to be their wedding photographer. We had been talking about the wedding for a long time and the special day finally came. It just shows that you can have what you want if you plan and work towards it. I and the groom Jose also clicked instantly. Perhaps it was fate that we realized our mutual love for old-school RPG games, card games, and fantasy books. My adventurous couple ditched usual tradition and got ready for the wedding together. I was able to capture some really great moments for them both. These moments can now be cherished forever. Ligia and Jose were initially preparing for bad weather after looking at the forecast. The Lord himself must have had other plans because the weather was fantastic all day. One unique thing about this wedding was the fact that Jose’s best friend Thomasz, actually designed the brides dress. The creativity of it really blew my mind, it was amazing and looked great on camera too.

Wedding at Penta Hotel

The ceremony and reception took place at the Penta Hotel in Reading. All of the guests were super friendly and made me feel so very comfortable. The hotel also doubled up as a great spot for a photo shoot with the bride and groom. Luckily for them, this won’t be the end of the celebrations for this couple. These lovebirds are having two more wedding ceremonies in Spain and Poland so stay tuned. What a wedding at Penta Hotel it was.

I hope some of you found some wedding inspiration on this blog. If you are looking for a wedding photographer Reading to cater to your specific needs look no further. Please do not hesitate to enquire for dates in 2019/2020. I look forward to documenting more of your miracle moments.

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