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Hey there! Glad you’ve joined us. Today, I’m catching up with the incredibly talented Freeda, a founder of The Floral Decor, a name that’s blossomed in the wedding florist London scene since 2019. Freeda’s the go-to person from the very first “hello” through to the grand finale of your big day, making sure every floral dream you’ve got is brought to life.

Here’s a bit of the backstory for you: Freeda’s roots are tangled up in floristry, thanks to her family. But, she took a little detour into healthcare management before circling back to her true calling among the petals and stems. Now, she’s all about diving deep into your visions, crafting those detailed boards that bring your ideas to life, and ensuring you’re getting nothing short of exceptional service.

But what really makes her heart sing? Going that extra mile for her couples. There’s nothing quite like the buzz of seeing it all come together, just perfectly, on the wedding day. And according to Freeda, that’s a thrill that just never fades.

Freeda say about herself and The Floral Decor

I collaborate closely with couples to develop unique floral concepts that reflect their style and vision, sourcing premium flowers and botanicals from trusted suppliers worldwide. We relish creating elaborate floral installations and statement pieces that elevate the ambiance of the venue. With a focus on fine craftsmanship and exceptional client experience,I love nothing more than to deliver unforgettable moments of beauty and sophistication our clients.

So, grab a comfy spot as we delve into the world of wedding florals with Freeda, discovering how she turns those flower-filled dreams into reality, right here in London.
Wedding Florist London
1. Can you share the journey that led you to become a wedding florist in London?
Absolutely! While I’m fortunate to have grown up in a family of florists, I initially ventured into healthcare management. Despite this detour, my connection to the floral world never waned. It was in 2019, after noticing friends and family struggling to find a wedding florist in London that truly resonated with them, that I decided to return to my roots. This journey back to floristry wasn’t just a career shift—it was a homecoming, allowing me to blend my heritage with my passion for bringing joy to couples on their special day.
2. What inspires your floral designs, and how do you ensure they reflect the personalities of each couple?
Nature is my greatest inspiration. The endless diversity of colors, shapes, and textures it offers feels like an infinite canvas for creativity. Each season brings its own magic, from the fresh blossoms of spring and the vivid hues of summer to the rich tones of autumn and the serene beauty of winter. Fashion trends and, most importantly, the unique stories and preferences of the couples I work with, guide my designs. It’s all about marrying the latest styles with those personal touches that make each wedding unique, ensuring every bouquet and arrangement feels as one-of-a-kind as the couple themselves.
Wedding Florist London
Wedding Florist London

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3. As Wedding Florist London specialist how do you keep up with the latest trends, and what’s been particularly exciting for you this year?

Pinterest is a treasure trove of inspiration, and yes, I admit to spending more time on it than I probably should! Besides that, I also keep an eye on what leading florists around the globe are doing, always eager to bring a fresh twist to my work as a wedding florist in London. This year, I’ve been thrilled to see couples embracing high-quality silk flowers. It’s a significant shift towards sustainability that doesn’t compromise on beauty or elegance. Incorporating these eco-friendly options into my designs has been both exciting and fulfilling, offering a lasting beauty that aligns perfectly with the current trends in wedding floristry.
4. Could you walk us through the process of selecting the perfect flowers for a wedding theme?
Of course! First off, we chat with our couples about what’s blooming and beautiful for their season—kind of our secret sauce for ensuring we’re all on the same page. This step is crucial for us as a wedding florist in London, where every season brings its own unique flair. From there, it’s all about layering on the personal touches and thinking about how each flower, each color, will play into the theme they’re dreaming of. It’s like painting a picture where every petal, every leaf adds to the whole vibe and feel of their special day.
Wedding Florist London
Wedding Florist London

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5. Can you share some of the unique floral designs you’ve whipped up for weddings?
Oh, we had a blast putting together a terrarium and Succulent Garden theme for a couple recently. Imagine tables dotted with these little ecosystems—terrariums packed with succulents, air plants, or even a bit of moss. They’re not just centerpieces; they’re conversation starters. Then, to mix it up, we sprinkled in delicate floral arrangements in bud vases, giving every single flower its moment to shine. It was a perfect blend of whimsy and elegance.
6. What’s your approach to working within a couple’s budget for their big day?
Budgeting is key, and we take it seriously. Our goal is to make your vision a reality, without breaking the bank. As your go-to wedding florist in London, we’re all about finding smart, stylish ways to stretch those floral dollars. Whether it’s getting creative with how we repurpose arrangements from the ceremony to the reception, suggesting high-quality silk flowers as an alternative, or brainstorming designs that maximize impact without maxing out your budget, we’re here to make sure your flowers are nothing short of fabulous, finances included.
Wedding Florist London

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7. From your wealth of experience, what flowers do you consider essential for any wedding?
Roses, without a doubt, are the quintessential wedding bloom. They’re not just flowers; they’re symbols of love and beauty that have stood the test of time. I’ve seen the magic they bring to every occasion. Available year-round and in a kaleidoscope of colors, roses offer versatility and dreaminess unmatched by any other flower. They’re the heart and soul of many arrangements, blending seamlessly into any theme or setting.
8. What’s your best advice for couples feeling overwhelmed by their floral choices?
Firstly, take a deep breath and don’t worry! Part of my job as your wedding florist in London is to ease those floral frets. I’m here to offer suggestions, help refine your vision, and navigate through your preferences, theme, and budget. Looking at loads of inspiration can seem like a bit much at first, but it’s a great way to pinpoint what resonates with you. Trust in the process, and together, we’ll unearth the perfect floral arrangements that speak to your hearts.
Wedding Florist London
Wedding Florist London

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9. How do the seasons play into selecting wedding flowers, and do you have any seasonal advice?
The seasons are our guiding stars in the floral industry, especially when crafting wedding florist London collections. Each season offers its palette and selection of blooms: spring calls for soft pastels and delicate flowers like tulips; summer is all about vibrant colors and tropical varieties; autumn brings warm, rich hues with flowers like dahlias; and winter favors elegant whites and lush greens. My tip? Embrace the natural splendor of the season you’re marrying in. With a bit of flexibility and creativity, we can create breathtaking arrangements that perfectly capture the seasonal mood and your personal style.
Can you share a memorable moment or challenge you’ve overcome while arranging wedding flowers?
Summer’s heat is a florist’s struggle, especially when dreaming up outdoor ceremonies under the sun. Keeping flowers looking their freshest despite the swelter can be a juggle. However, years of experience have armed us with strategies to maintain blooms in peak condition, no matter the weather. We’ve also become adept at recommending the most resilient flowers for each weather scenario, ensuring our couples’ floral displays remain stunning from start to finish. It’s all about adapting and ensuring beauty thrives, come rain or shine.
Wedding Florist London

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As we tie up our floral chat today, I can’t help but extend a huge bouquet of thanks to Freeda for sharing her bloom-filled wisdom and insights with us. It’s been an absolute delight diving into the world of wedding florist London magic with her.

For all you lovely folks planning your big day, or if you’re just a flower enthusiast dreaming of your future wedding, I highly encourage you to wander over to The Floral Decor’s website and Instagram. There’s a whole garden of inspiration waiting for you, along with Freeda’s expert touch to make your floral dreams come true. Also make sure to check the wedding we work, link below!

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Thank you once again, Freeda, for bringing such beauty into our lives and for going above and beyond for every couple. Your passion for flowers and making wedding days unforgettable shines through in every arrangement. Don’t miss out on the floral magic—check out The Floral Decor and let your wedding journey blossom!

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